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Oh - I've got shivers in my spine and tears in my eyes. I do hope this is entirely fictional. I loved the lime green castle motif and the way you wove in in. Very skilfully told.
It's no fair that this is so good! I barely could breathe! Whew! Thank you for giving us closure! Bravo to you!
Well written story, glad it didn't have a typical "happy ending".
The ending made me teary.
This is really good. Great story, and great writing. I was sitting with the popsicle from the start. What a terribly sad ending -- but it also made me smile. Picturing the little boy riding horses with Jesus made my heart glad.
Beautifully and tenderly written. And, my bet is that he is in the north court riding horses with Jesus.
Wonderful. Touching. I loved it.
Gave me goosebumps. How sad and touching at the same time. That last line really packs a punch. There's a bittersweet note to this that makes it so real. ^_^
What a wonderfully imaginative tender mystery--totally captivating!
Exceptional description. Your title is wonderful and the story lives up to it, and more. This felt amazingly real.
This is so well written that I finished it with tears in my eyes and a smile on my face.
Absolutely gorgeous writing! You continue to astound me.
Oh! How sad. I know closure is good, but I wanted more for Tommy. I guess that means you really got your story across. Good job.
Wow - I'm breathless. You had me captivated from start to finish. Extraordinary story-telling, as always. Bravo~
I couldn't contain the sob that escaped my throat when you revealed that Tommy was murdered. This was an awesome story! There are so many good ones, I'm thankful I'm not a judge! Thanks for sharing. Many blessings, Cheri
I had to grab a tissue first! Sad with the light of Jesus shinning through. Master writing all the way.
I remember reading this can't think why I didn't comment. A truly beautiful story.
Great writing. We really learned who Mark was and how he felt, and how he dealt with what was thrown at him and the family. We were inside his head and heart all the way through. Though some may actually live this horrid nightmare, I hate sad endings. LOL! I'm glad this time, it's fiction. A wonderful piece, as usual!
Great writing. I loved it from beginning to end.
Congratulations. By far the best piece I read this week. (Certainly better than mine.) I'm glad this (almost) got the recognition it deserved.
Well done, Amy! Congratulations on writing a terrific and very moving mystery.
Congrats Amy! ^_^
Congrats, Amy! Well deserved honors.
Every mother's fear, and a reminder how it effects the rest of the family too. Congratulations!
Amy, Amy. I cannot believe how far your writing has come. Congratulations on your double win. Very, very deserved.
God has blessed you with such an incredible gift of creativity and skill.
Amazing story indeed.
What a horrible tale to tell, and yet you did it artfully, beautifully, even. Congratulations!
Beautiful, you're teaching me how to write. I don't know if you experienced this happening, but from the way it is written, I would think that you have. Beautiful display of how real God is.
I can't stop the tears from flowing! It just makes me think, "what would I do if that had happened in my family and if that had been my sister?" That last line definitely made me lose it...great job in pulling the reader in to the story!
Good night! Did God bless you with a huge writing gift or what??? EXCELLENT!
That was AMAZING! Wow have you got talent! Thank you for sharing your gift.