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This was intriguing, but a bit confusing with the out-of-order dates. It's definitely a story idea worth pursuing further, though. You could expand this, fill in some of the details, build up the characters more (when you aren't limited to 750 words) - it'd make a great book!
This is a heart-breaking story--especially since you say it's true. I have a sister who has chosen to reject our family, too, and wants no communication with any of us--even our father. Your prayer at the end of your piece echoes my own. I've been trying to hang on so long, as well, and need to let her go into God's hands. I pray both your situation and mine is someday, somehow resolved! Your story was a bit hard to follow in places, and I agree that it would be nice to see it expanded and explained in more detail. Good job!
Wow. This is so sad. I liked the mystery, but could really feel for Abigail. The dates were a little confusing, I had to reread it to put everything in order, but you did a great job altogether. ^_^
Aren't family divisions crazy?! And so often a mystery. You've brought this to light well with this piece. The letter format going back in history, then jumping back to the present at the end was effective.
Great description and atmosphere.I also had to reread the letters "in order," but this was a wonderful mystery.
Such heartbreaking sadness, I like the format and as Anita stated, I think this has the makings of a great book.
Wow! A mystery that exercised my mind! I read it backwards and forwards and up and down and am still trying to figure out who Beth is.... I'm sure I'm just coffee-deprived though because the writing in this entry is very good. I'm going to read it again after a strong black. I like mysteries that make me think and don't leave me with ALL the answers.
Nothing makes me sadder than family sadness--you did a tender job with the writing here. Put me on the side of those who needed to re-read in chronological order, but that wasn't a chore, as the writing was a pleasure to read.
You did an excellent job of showing the sadness of broken family relationships. I was most impressed with a mother's love that never changes even though circumstances cause her to give her baby away.
The reverse time-line was an interesting way to pull us along in the story - well done!
Wow. Although the reverse timeline was a little hard for me to follow (I must be a simple person), this is awesome. Realizing that this is based on true events, I can understand how it would be hard to get everything across -- especially within the word limit. I would like to read this expanded -- maybe novel form?
Based on true events, huh? Man, would I ever like to know more about this family. Fascinating, to say the least. This was very well done.
I had to read it a couple of times to figure out who was who (I THINK I got it.) Very intriguing story.
Very interesting. I liked the way you set it up. Great job.
Very cool story, Val.
So sad, so intriguing, and well written.
It is hard when families are fractured and broken. I know some of the heartache.
I love your ending prayer of release and surrender. Very effective way of drawing the reader's attention back to the source of hope for us all.
Thanks for telling this story.
Oh, and count me in the group that would like to see this expanded into a novel.