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Well done. This was a touching story.

Thanks, and God bless,

This made me teary.
This is beautiful. A great mystery story. Red balloons will always be special to me now.
Beautiful! Reminds me of a certain fave song. I love the constant action, tricky mystery! ^_^ (and very heartfelt!)
A very touching story. I was hooked and loved the message. It was a bit on the fantastical side, but that is fun. Great.
Magical and tender and lovely. :D
How lovely--the overall mood is dreamy and serene, subtly mysterious. A very special story.
A very dear story that plumbs the depths of love and grief. yeggy
Very touching. I loved the giving of red balloons to the people at the nephew's funeral.
Very touching story. You have a comforting thought here. Good writing.
Nice story. A bit more fantasy than mystery perhaps, but written well. It was sad, yet offered hope. Good job!
This is a very touching story. You make such a wonderful point. Great work.
Loved it! The red balloons woven through the story were truly wonderful and the lesson of our faith was quite special. Well done - a marvelous read!
Sir William, you got me sitting here with tears in my eyes. What am I going to do when my girls come downstairs? This was written with such tenderness, I don't know what else to say. Bravo!
Mystery writing doesn't get any better! You slammed a home run right into my heart!
Precious, precious story!
Beautiful story!
Sir willaim, you must have a very special and tender heart. I loved the story.
Beautiful story -I loved the voice behind it and the details woven throughout. Nice writing!
This was a great fantasy-mystery. I loved one special balloon for "faith."
Great visuals, to see Jesus filling the balloon is breathtaking to me. This is a treasure.
Your writing never disappoints, SirWilliam. You have such a storehouse full of marvelous imagination. This is another keepsake.
Dear friend, you have a heart full of faith and love for your Savior and your family. It shines brightly through all you write. This story has a healing quality about it and made me tear up too! Bless you!