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Very humurous! I enjoyed the dialogue between the grandchildren and the they way the "mystery" was solved through a word puzzle. Very clever writing!
Nasty bunch of relatives, but I too loved what I imagine could be very realistic dialogue. Good job.
Very nice. They say mystery is all about plot. Your plot is nice, but your characters are SO GOOD. In 750 words, I can see their life backwards and forwards from these events. Nice clue with discovery as well.
How beautiful! Why are we not all as bold as this wonderful old gentleman? Why are we not all as exquisite as this sweet Tori. They challenge us to live truly. I love a story with challenge and these characters inspire me.
Hmm...Talk about - dare I say it - Poetic Justice.
Well done, and Thanks.

God bless,

What fun! I always marvel at where you ideas come from - did you think of the Bible passage and then construct a story around it, or decide there would be word-play and then dig through your Bible for inspiration? Either way, you have a winning formular.
Loved it, loved it, loved it. This was so much fun to read. And what a great character lesson -- good and bad. A wonderful mystery story.
Your characters are so realistic. Great ending!
Cryptic puzzle. Great characterization!
You worked so much detail into a short space!! I liked the way you portrayed the characters, and how you brought your story to a satisfying and clever conclusion.
I LOVE IT! Yay for Tori! What a compassionate character, and I especially loved the puzzle that August created. Very clever-like the last line with Viola. ^_^ Great mystery!
Very good read. Your character portrayals are excellent. I felt like I knew the snooty grandkids. Thumbs up!
I loved especially the strong character development, shown only in a few words and the word play. Good triumphs over evil again!
Amazingly excellent characterization, and such a creative take on the subject. I just loved this!
Great characterisation and sence of place. Intriguing story that kept my attention right to the end.
I'm not smart enough to answer your challenge, but I'm smart enough to know this is very, very good. Excellent job again. God bless.
Cute mystery here. Loved the way it turned out.
Excellent! Very clever too. I loved the way everything turned out. Had me trying to guess what else rose does could mean. I loved it!
Ooh, I could've smacked those grandchildren upside the heads. Great job of showing their real characters.

A very good mystery. I kept looking at your clue, wondering if it was a scrambled word or a cryptogram, but then I reasoned that August wouldn't have enough presence of mind to come up with something like that. But 'Rose does' would be something a crossword lover might think.

The word count was a real challenge with a story like this. I had the feeling you could have given one or two more subtle hints but didn't have the space to do it. Great mystery.
Very clever indeed! I enjoyed your mystery very much! A wonderful display of talent. Blessings, Cheri
Absolutely enthralling mystery! The characterizations were perfect, and so was the ending! Excellent writing, as usual! :D
This has class and how you do it in 750 words amazes me. I could picture it all. I loved this!
Hehehe - perfect!!! :) hehehe -would have loved to see her hit the floor -with the others' jaws!
Great mystery. I loved the way it all came together at the end.
I LOVED THIS! What a hoot.
You have an amazing way of describing your characters and carrying the conversation between them in a delightful way.
Thank you for this mystery entry. Very enjoyable indeed.