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Excellent, hilarious story! One small thing: "fiance" is a man, "fiancee" is a woman. That threw me a bit. Otherwise, I was very impressed with this entry!
What an unexpected ending! You had me on tenderhooks right to the finale. Good stuff.
LOL! That was a good trick with the fiber, nice bit of suspense with Harry fainting. I loved the last line best of all. ^_^
Love the title, love the gentle nudge to us about the consequences of leaping to conclusions...very nicely done.
LOL! That is great! I was wondering, myself, what she put in the tea. Very well crafted & humorous as well.
Snoopy old ladies always make for a great mystery.
Intriguing title of a cute and clever story! :) I loved the ending and the great message, too!
Good story! You took us step by step, building the intrigue. Then gave us the twist. Cute. Nosey old ladies! LOL! I enjoyed it!
Definitely fun - good job on building up the suspense.
Imaginations can take us in the wrong direction all right! Love the humorous mystery - great writing here.
I liked this. So easy to read. What buffoons! A humorous mystery.
I loved the characters and the humor and the way you put them all together into a great mystery.
The premise is a little flimsy, when subjected to scrutiny. He's ill with the flu, but he arrives flashy and handsome? Also, who goes galavanting around with the flu? Lastly, the surreptitious way she adds powder to his drink, in front of people who have no idea of the context of it is a stretch. Very few people are so socially inept, without some attempt at explanation. Needs rewriting, but the overall idea is a good one.
Wonderful story! Has all the right ingredients, and well written!
LOL - I'm completely picturing the ladies from Arsenic and Old Lace - in reverse LOL. LOVE it!
A delightful read! Good work. Blessings, Cheri
Suspenceful and well-written. Great setting for the story and great characters.
Oh, how I love a premise that isn't so blatant it dominates the thoughts - well composed. Like others, I have forced myself to go to work with flu, lots of empathy there. Love the way she adds powder to his drink, in front of people who have no idea of what is going on - I do the same to Miss P's tea, I imagine what others might think. This is a dandy, worthy of note. I don't usually review this level, but this one caught my attention.
Ha ha! This is would have been a great humor entry too. Absolutely excellent. A real contender, I'm sure. :)
I tried so hard to guess the ending but I wasn't even close! A definite mystery to me.
I think this is very well-done! I could really see this going on in my head.
I loved it. Especially the last line. Too funny. Good job!
Thought I'd show some solidarity in the face of adversity!!
This is a fun piece. I liked the characteristation, and the punch-line was very funny. Good work, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
The complaint by the author of a harsh critique led me to Level 4 which I don't usually visit; I also Had to check out the Hints in order to find the same "portrait of person in a hat" to go by in order to track this story down. One tiny adverse critique against umpteen upon umpteen flattering critiques shouldn't have caused much of a stir;...especially if, like me, you only had a total of 3 comments in all, with none of them too encouraging. However, I really liked it...but did find one mistake just before "watch". Don't feel've got SRO in this crowd of commenters.
You grabbed my attention from the beginning and held it to the last word! Great writing!
I ABSOLUTLEY loved your story. I was right there in the midst of the action and i could identify with the characters! Gret Story! Great writing! Keep up the great story telling!
Subtle (and not so toward the end) commentary on gossip! Well done.