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Yay for Olivia! That fiance got just what he was asking for...he shoulda just talked to her. I was thinking that Stacey might have done it, until she was the one missing the violin in Olivia's case. The ending could have used a slight bit more of a hint towards what made your sleuth suspect Warren. ^_^
Written by someone who definitely knows the world of music! Olivia's better off without him, the baby. Fun mystery.
Nicely done. I like the uniqueness of the subject matter.

The ending was a bit rushed. (Curse you, word count!)

Great story.
Nice build-up. I thought it eas going to turn out that Olivia's fiance had taken Gretchen to restring her, because of his love for Olivia. Guess I'm a hopeless romantic. I was sorry it was jealousy and it broke them up, but I'm old and like happy endings. :o) Good intrigue and very interesting to read.
An interesting and intriguing read.
Olivia ended up with the love of her life anyway. Gretchen. Life goes on.
The reveal was a little disappointing and vague. It lets the culprit off too easily, from a reader's perspective.
I enjoyed this! Wonderful mystery, Wonderful writing!
I thought this was an endearing piece. And I loved that the violin had a name. Blessings, Cheri
For a moment I thought this would be the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding scandal all over but this ending was just as good, if not better. Bravo!
You did a good job with the mystery. I liked Gretchen better than the fiance!
Great story. I suspected the fiance and his reasons as soon as he was introduced. I hope my son doesn't read this and decide to name his violin. ;-)