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Being a worship leader in a small church, this really spoke to me. It is easy to make "singing" and "song choice" the be all and end all of the meeting.
What you wrote echoes my own thoughts about worship! This is a thought-provoking and well-written essay on the "bigger picture" of what it means to worship God. For me Romans 12 illustrates what acceptable worship really is all about. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this very important subject!
Good for you! Jesus' words "where two or three are gathered..." and "feed My sheep, tend My lambs..." were esp powerful in your message. I didn't think I would like this one because of the beginning but I was delighted by the turn you took. Good job.
Sorry I messed up your quotes - but my intent still stands.....
Your essay speaks well to our true worship. I believe this would be music to Jesus' ears.
EXCELLENT! This needs to be published somewhere--lots of somewheres, in fact. Like in the denominational newsletters of many, many denominations. Fantastic job.
Your beginning definitely drew me in and made the lesson that much more meaningful and convicting. Great stuff, Al!
It kind of threw me off going from story mode to listening mode, but the idea is right and carries through clearly. I especially liked the line with being as old as time and not hard of hearing. ^_^ Thanks for sharing!
I felt myself cringe a little at your opening description of a typical 'contemporary worship' service, especially the reaction of Jesus to it. I would go further than what you stated and say that sometimes our most beautiful praise, when sung or played with a heart of disobedience or (should I say it?) rebellion, is an offensive stench rising to the Lord. We would be better off remaining silent at such times.

As part of our church's worship team I try not to look at the faces of the people. I don't want to know how they are reacting. But sometimes I see anyway and I 'know' they are caught up in a momentary experience or worse, just singing the words without thinking them or wanting the words to apply to their relationship with Christ.

Great, convicting message, and one that needs to be read and reread.
Amen. This reminds me of the song "The Heart Of Worship." You express yourself clearly and eloquently, and I am thankful that you shared this with us.
Great title! Just today I was at Bible Study where the teacher said when will the American church stop threatening people to praise Jesus and just simply worship the Lord outright? You reinforced that thinking. Wonderful work.