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This is a beautifully written story of a sad situation. The descriptions are awesome. Thank God for the hope of eternal life. I love how the music of heaven was drawing her in.
You have addressed a terribly sensitive issue in a wonderfully sensitive way. Beautifully done.
Wonderful story here of letting go of a loved one. It would encourage me if I were to have to make such a decision. Especially if I knew the one leaving would go into the arms of a loving God. Good writing.
I pray your outstanding descriptions of near-death and then, death, are the way it really happens. I want that for my loved ones, as well as for myself. I have faith that it will be as your wrote! The contrast between human prayer, conversation and the brillant colors, sounds and figurative language created even more definaiton to the the difference between heaven and earth. So good!
Beautifully written with incredible descriptions! Concerning the authors note, I think this would be very comforting to those facing similar situations. I hope this will find its way into the hands and hearts of those who need to be comforted by its message. Awesome work!
So beautifully written!! Absolutely amazing. This is such a wonderful touching piece.
This is a heartbreaker...brought tears to my eyes seeing this story from both sides. I love the line with glistening veil of sequins and diamond dust and especially how you switched back and forth from both views. Awesome descriptions and awesome writing! ^_^
To me this is a beautiful message of both hope and faith. The ultimate and final tug of war. Your descriptions encourage us with their stunning familiartiy and your words move in a heavenly rhythm, soothing to us all.
This was awesome! I wish I had adequate words to express how much I liked this story. I really loved it. I feel you did an excellent job of capturing both arenas (flesh & spirit) of this story. Well done!
Your descriptions brought chills to my body they were so beautiful. I could visualize the parting mist and shimmering light in the opening paragraph and I quite lost myself in the embrace of your story.

Wonderful message, too. This should be an encouragement to any believer who still harbors the slightest anxiety of dying. I hope this places high!
Just beautiful - your descriptions are so vivid and wonderful. I do believe your author's note is achieved, dear friend!
Mid, this brought tears to my eyes... and goosebumps. So touching and wonderful. Well written, as always. Thanks so much for sharing this.
Wow. I'm trying to write with tears streaming down my face. This was so beautiful -- so poetic. The voice from the coma was brilliant. What a struggle our loved ones must feel when they're torn between two worlds. And the relief they must feel when we finally "let them go". Thank you for this -- it is amazing.
Absolutely amazing. Your words and emotion just flew "off the page" for me. The ending was heartbreaking but as realistic as I could picture such a scene. Simply amazing!
Deep, beautiful writing as always dear Mid! Truly beautiful.
This is a well written, flowing and vivid story. Great job.
Oh, so well written, and so touching. The only thing missing is a tissue warning. This is beautifully done.
Oh, Mid. I don't know whether I'm weeping from sorrow or joy! This is perfection - you've put into words the unfathomable. Thank you for blessing me tonight.

This is just one of my favorite lines: "Time is no longer able to hold back the chorus of Alleluias,..." Kudos, sister. I'll be surprised if this isn't at the top of the list tomorrow.
Great writing! Your description of everything is absolutely wonderful! Congratulations on your EC placement!
Congrats on your win! ^_^ It's just perfect for ya!
Congratulations on a well-deserved win.
Perfection! Congratulations (and thanks for your lovely comment). Blessings~
May I be the 164th FW member to Congratulate you on your Placing the #2 spot! Your beautiful words are so comforting...and I know my mother and father will envision these same beautiful scenes when they hear the trumpet sound on Resurrection Day! Ah yes, the sounds of music!! Great job!
WOW! This is truly exceptional writing! You truly deserve your 1st place win! A well-deserved congrats!
My heart is touched beyond words after reading this piece. Thank you. What a beautiful description of the word this world most abhors.. Death. This ministered directly to my heart.