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Yes, Allelu indeed. Very lovely, and so very true. 'Why do birds sing?' my youngest asked the other day. Here is the answer. And they groan of course, too. Now see what you've started - I'm getting theological!
This is gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful writing. Congrats, Teri
A precious story. And you wrote a song, too? It doesn’t get any stronger on topic than that! Both were incredibly beautiful. Very, very nice work.
Super writing here! It demonstrates perfectly the "masters" category! Beautifully done!
Lovely portrayal of Mary and her little boy, so human, and yet...
You captured it well.
Lyrical, poetic, moving ... so much to this entry! I love imagining Mary's heart and thoughts as a mother. I was reminded of the passion I feel for my 2 yr. old grandson when he stands in front of the T.V and watches a Christian video of children singing hymns and holding his arms out to me ... asking me to sing "Deep and Wide" with him. I teared when I as I felt Mary's feelings for her Son through your writing.
Delighful! And I sure the Lord heard the full orchestra of creation when our oh-so-human souls can only hear one small part. Well done.
Wow! I felt like I was able to look into the life of Jesus as a toddler. How precious He must have been. I have no doubt that He heard angels from time to time, whispering their glorious song, filling His heart with who He was. Wouldn't you love to hear just one song like that? Wouldn't you love to reach into time and love on that tiny child? This poem gave me just a hint of access, enough to reach into time and imagine, if only for a moment. Thanks for the thrill.
This is a different take of the early life of Jesus. The poem was good. I assume it was written by the author of this piece since it was not otherwise identified. Good job.
A wonderful peek into what Jesus very well may have been like. Loved it, loved the lyrics!
Jan, I should have known this one was yours. It is stunning.
Oh Jan - you've done it again! I love the quality of this - the sweet depth and the Hallowed innocence. It's beautiful.
A masterful blend of being on topic, message and talent.
I say ditto to every wonderful comment so far. Jan, your creativity always astounds me. I would never have thought of this. You have so skillfully placed your reader 'right there' and made Jesus and Mary so incredibly 'real'. Your gifted pen has blessed us once more, dear friend!
I love the wisdom as well as the childish play you described throughout this piece. Who knows what Jesus what thinking in his contemplative times: perhaps you and me, all of us?

I liked this as told from the POV of Mary, who pondered all she observed and heard in her heart. Very well done.
The first word that comes to mind is captivating. I don't know if I even blinked when I read this. What an awesome piece.
I read this earlier this week and wondered if this was yours. Great job, as usual. I always enjoy your work.
This is lovely and so very unique. I love the portrayal of Jesus as a child. Very well done.
Oh, my! Wow! Incredible! Your story is sweet and wonderfully written, but the poem/song is absolutely magnificent! As I read, I could almost hear a melody in the background! What profound praise! :) Did I mention that I really, really liked your piece????
Absolutely delightful and beautiful and worshipful. This charmed me and made me smile. Loved the story AND the song (I was looking for the annnotation of where you got the song from - I was doubly blessed to discover it was yours!).
Never quite saw the story of Mary the way you portrayed it here. Very thought-provoking and somehow mysterious like. I loved the touch of the wooden Noah's ark and the bit with "one kiss was enough" The song was lovely-reminding me of angels. ^_^
Really, really good. I love when people bring baby to Jesus to life How absolutely adorable to see Him as a toddler -- I never really stop to think about that. And the music lyrics are great, too. Do you write music, or know some one who does? This would be beautiful.
Sing Allelu always!

Super Excellent Wonderful Teriffic

I have often wondered about Mary and Jesus when he was a very young child, this piece was so interesting to think about and so beautiful!!
I had never really thought of Jesus as a toddler. What a wonderful insight you gave me. I was wonderful, just wonderful!
Wow! This was amazing! I loved the story and the hymn was absolutely wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing this
A story and a song? You have blessed me twice. This was fantastic. I always love to ponder the thoughts of Mary and young Jesus. You captured them so well.
Congrats on the EC ^_^ I really liked this one.
This was so beautiful and the EC Award so deserved. Congratulations
This is beautiful, Jan!
A well-deserved congratulations!
I love your great imagination, Jan. It is funny, but very few people reflect on Jesus' early years. The only mention of those years is when he was 12; however, He WAS born into this world as all babies are; He DID go through all the growing-up things that all babies do. So I realy love this little story of Jesus when He was a toddler. I aim to read more of your stories.
Jan - better late than never! Got the computer back - it may not have any more viruses but it still has several oddities! Congratualations on this piece. You did a great job and really caught the essence of Mary's motherhood and Jesus as both son of man and Son of God. Very tender and touchable.