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Very nice!
Just like a child's prayer is beautiful, so is a child's faith. This is a lovely poem in words and message.
Lovely, rhythmical, descriptive poem! Ah, the faith of a little child is such a sweet and precious thing! Well-done! :)
Growing up in a rural setting I can identify with this poem so well. You truly expressed this in a priceless way!
You know, I wrote this same poem once, when I was little. LOL! I wish! Your cadence, your images create such vivid word pictures that I got thirsty and had to apply moisturizer. Not only that, it captures the innocence of a child's faith, all in one. How do you do it? Lots of talent, here!
Wonderful poem about the faith of a child.
The imagery, the message so well expressed. Wonderful to read.
I love the title, and the last stanza, and your rhyme scheme--well, frankly, I like it all!
This is such a sweet example of the faith of a child. Very nice!
You kept the feel of innocence all the way through in this 'child of faith' poem. Kudos girl! You did good!
So sweet and delightful. I loved your imagery, and the faith of your child. Wonderful.
Wow! This is really good. I love how you were able to use the topic to tell a story and share a message. Loved the title too!
So beautiful and wonderful!! I loved this so much! The faith of little children we should all have! Keep Writing!
Cute. I liked the tie in with the Music theme, the first stanza was my favorite though, with the parched prarie and sentence unjust. ^_^
Having lived in the country most of my life I can totally relate to the message here. I love the way you told this story so vividly and in poetry. It was a blessing to read and I really loved it.
Such a sweet reminder of how we should be in the face of adversity. This was beautiful.

Once or twice the rhythm seemed to falter but the message and the descriptive words made up for it.

I especially savored these stanzas:

"The earth beneath the precious drops
Trills with gratitude
And faded blossom rises up
To hum the interlude"

and, of course, that last stanza with its expression of childlike faith. Nice!
So touching, and very sweet! I loved this well-written poem. Thanks for sharing it.
What a heartwarming poem and one that builds our faith. Just lovely.
I loved it! The title, the child's faith, and the prairie backdrop especially drew me in. Great job!
I like this a lot.

Winds join in and sing with might
A stirring melody
Silver raindrops harmonize
In heaven’s symphony

This reminds me of staying on rainy nights enjoying the sounds.
As I enjoyed this beautiful work of art, what came to mind was "Out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water"

Applauds all around! Keep writing poetry, Betty. :) Blessings, Jo