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Witty....imaginative...and creative. What can I say, besides, you've got what it takes! Congratulations on putting the Sermon on the Mount in everyday language. I hope you're not thinking of writing a new Bible translation...are you? Wonderful job!
Super creative entry!
Witty and clever, clever! I loved the while concept and could see Jesus "on his roll"!
How did you ever come up with this idea!
This is AWESOME!
Very creative and good use of parables. My favorite was the one using the waterfall. The funniest has got to be the shopping cart though. I really enjoyed reading this.
Okay, Al, I'm sitting here laughing out loud as I read this, my daughters wondering what is so funny. In fact, they are hiding from what they think is a mother suddenly separated from her senses.

The parable of the false waterfall made me pause and think, though. For some reason, that one will stay with me for a while.

This was too funny, but with great messages, although the last parable is one I have to think about for a long while. Was Jesus starting to lose it?

Terrific job, Al.
Happy to report that I got the last parable on my second reading through!
Too funny! You had me laughing all the way through this. I like the thought of being in a shopping mall and preaching a sermon. You did good with the comparisons of the sales (after Thanksgiving sale) and with the shopping cart and BMW. Excellent message delivered with humor...nice touch with the Mountain Dew. ^_^
Funny, creative and very clever! You had me laughing at the cart full of purchases that is let free on a sloping parking lot and dents the door of a BMW." Excellent from beginning to end.
What a RIOT! I couldn't figure out your hint, so I am SO glad you threw a brick! I am sure you had an absolute blast writing this- hopefully at least as much fun as I had reading it!
This was FUN. I loved the Kingdom of God is like an after Thanksgiving sale. I can just see the folks drawing in closer to hear more...
Oh oh oh, my sides hurt! When I read this, "Not now, I'm on a roll," Jesus replied. I burst out laughing and never stopped. DE-lightful! (I was supposed to not get the last parable, told after too muh caffine, right? :) ) A winner for me! Now I must go dry my eyes.