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This is well written and conveys a great message, too. The table where Jesus was waiting was simple. No jazzy music, etc. It isn't needed. That's such a basic concept, but something we often don't really think about. Thumbs up!
My thoughts as I read this were about how beautifully it was written. It had an elegant, soft, beautiful feel to it. His voice "like the sound of ancient seas"! Descritions such as this just made this story for me. I felt real emotion when Jesus talked to the MC and invited him to choose truth. A winner in this reader's eyes!
This has two really important messages, seamlessly presented--the first half, a bit of a satirical look at the state of the church today, and the second half a beautiful reminder of grace. You are most assuredly NOT in a slump!

May we all find our true purpose! I enjoyed the way you presented this reminder of our purpose and His grace.
Great writing!

I loved this! I enjoyed your take on each of the various booths, and the touches of dry humor: “…perhaps even dance.” This was written beautifully. A couple of my favorite lines: “His voice is like the murmur of ancient seas…” “His eyes pierce me to the marrow…” The simple nod at the end was perfect for the piece. Nice work!
Beautiful! This brought a tear to my eyes. How true it is that we shop around for purpose all in vain to know that what we were looking for was always so close by. I really enjoyed the end and the description and dialouge between the two. Awesome writing! ^_^
Wow wow WOW!The end of this is absolutely poetic and beautiful, and the beginning works beautifully to lead to it.
The ending leaves me with such a feeling of peace and contentment. I hope many find the same in life. Well-written with an important message. Blessings, Jo
If the title doesn't grab you, the story will. This was moving because it was so subtle and sweet. I loved it from title to the end!
AWESOME--What else can be said?