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Once again, humour and pathos - you really are the master at this combination. Beautifully touching story, and a sharp reminder to all of us who judge others at face-value.
Oh but can't we all get caught in this one! Great job.
I loved the character’s voice, but my favorite part of this story was the message. At first, I thought I would be laughing all the way through this piece, but then I was caught completely off guard with a punch of truth. This was truly an inspired piece of writing. Beautiful—I loved it!
I was caught off guard with this one! In a pleasing manner. It was a refreshing taste of fine writing and astounding creativty. The best part was the surprise you gave to the reader!I always feel my time has been spent well when I read something that surprises me and isn't the same old, same old.
Delightful story about judging! I love the voice of the narrator.
So nicely done!
I loved this. I am a people-watcher, and this sure showed me how wrong (judgemental) I can be. Thanks for the reminder that we really do need to walk a mile in the other person's shoes.
Great lesson in this - reminds me to be more careful about assumptions I make. Well written. Juxtaposing the narrator's comments/assumptions with what really happened worked very well to highlight how we can misread people and circumstances. Story finished by making the point very well.
Wow. The title certainly fits this piece. Reading this made me cringe in thinking of how I've judged others before and how others sometime see me. My favorite character was Wilma (the 'cat' lady). The image you painted was so vivid and stirring, I see it so clearly! You did a great job with all those little twists and turns, every time I think I know where it was going, you surprised me. A very powerful piece with truth well woven. ^_^
Loved this piece. Just goes to show you that we can't sum it up in one take. Enjoyed the humor here and was saddened by the sorrow displayed. That's what makes it good writing.
Ohhh, this is awesome. Great job at the teenager's voice. Great job with the whole thing--good point.
I liked the glimpses into the lives of these individuals. I wonder how many of our observations are close after we people watch? :) Fresh originality and nicely done! Blessings, Jo
What a treat, I have missed reading your stories! Wow! Great story, great message!
This piece had a great message. The language of your observer was so real. You did an astounding job of weaving the "likes", "you knows", and other overly used expressions into this piece.
This was very good. I could really see myself assuming many of the things the student did. Makes me realize how wrong I may have been.
I'd like to know what the student got on the paper. ;0)
Wow, Jan! Talk about a message! This was wonderful. Probably the most heartbreaking was the scene between Linda and Adam her son. This made me think. . a lot. Truly a Master's masterpiece!
Oh, I enjoyed this. So obvious, huh? If only he knew their real stories. I'd like to see each of these situations made into a story. There is so much we're missing!
Very, very, very good. Amazing how we can be so sure about people we don't even know. Excellent as usual
Fantastic! I loved this! The world certainly does look and judge the obvious. Thank God, He looks at and knows our hearts. This was a wonderful, creatively written story. Marvelous!
'Obvious' is right. It is obvious again that you, Jan, are a true master of the storytelling art! Oh, how I love the depth and richness of your writing! And what a skillful and creative use of contrast! This is certainly another one of yours that will stay with me all week. What a pro!
"The obvious is that which is never seen until someone expresses it simply.”

A great story, Jan. Too bad the teacher's name wasn't Miss Sullivan, the student might have learned to see a little better. "Keller", loved it. Always love what you write. God bless.
Wow! This is so penetrating and insightful and SOBERING!! Thank you for an excellent piece with a extremely important message! :)
The vocabularies (dialect) you attribute to characters from week to week is fantastic. This week, with the transition from narrator to first person, the contradiction worked magic into the storytelling appeal of this one. It's what's unwritten that shines through masterfully here, even outshining excellent writing.
Absolutely WOW! A perfect example that you can't judge someone just by looking at them. Teriffic!
Hey Jan. I LOVED this and I'm sure you know why!
God bless
Ouch! I feel like I've just been clobbered between the running lights!! Boy am I ever guilty of this one...thanks (I think) for pointing it out to me in such a gentle way (it really was gentle, but it felt like a Mack truck!)

A fun read that packed a super-duper wallop. =)
Very creative and readable - Thanks
I love the message you presented in this. You did a fantastic job!
Please teach us how you come up such clever ideas. ;) This is very impressive, as usual. :)
Outstanding job bringing this teen to life, I loved the transition between observation and reality. This was a great message, one I've been guilty of way too many times. Loved this!
At first, I could hear my daughter talking about the people she checked out a Publix, but then you shook me with their true stories. I loved the message. Superb writing, and the last line was awesome! Spot on, girl!
Congrats! ^_^
CONGRATULATIONS on your highly deserved level and EC wins! This was one of my top personal favorites this week, and I'm thrilled the judges thought so, too! :)
Congratulations, Jan! This is a fun story and a creative approach to the topic. I can tell you spend a lot of time around teenagers.
Great work! Very impressive and very creative!
I thought I had left a comment on this earlier this week, but I don't see it!
Anyway, I'll add my kudos to this thought provoking, well-written article.
Congratulations, too!