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A very creative take on the topic. You sure had me hanging on every word!
"Hanging on every word" is an approriate phrase!You devloped the MC's cahracter well in such a short piece! I felt I knew his personality, his love for his wife and God thoroughly. I loved the creativy and the whole idea you had for this story.
Oh, my! If this isn't extremely creative and fun! I LOVE that man, and how calm he was through the whole thing. Where do you, whoever you are, come up with an idea like this? I think I'd pay big bucks to get a trip inside your brain!
Very creative!
What a fun read. It's kind of Fantasy/Faith meets Loving Husband. Your details created a clear picture for me. Very well done.
Creativity doesn't begin to describe this! Shades of Thurber's "The Unicorn in the Garden," and quite lovely in its quirkiness.
Fun, creative and well written. This is why you are in masters!!
LOL! This was so much fun to read. I loved this Rhino. Calling this "Creative" doesn't do it justice! Excellent writing! I love the piece with the watch and the PB&J sandwich. Nice touch. ^_^
This is a "treasure." I love how you explained each action of the rhino so thoroughly, and I love the meaning behind each of his actions. I echo Betty's critique exactly.
Wonderfully fun take on shopping! Certainly not boring, very creative, and a real pleasure to read! I loved it!
A Rhinoceros? What a delightful story! I just loved the way you wrote this!
I commend you on your delightfully absurd tale, and I say that in a complimentary way! Somehow you manage to make anything work. Your brain needs to be studied for the benefit of sciene and mankind. LOL Fun, fun, fun! Jo
Well, that's what I get for not reading the title first. :) I was completely caught off guard by 'there's a rhinoceros at the door.' A wonderfuly delightful tale.
From a Penguin Missionary to a Shopping Rhino, you certainly have a storehouse of creativity. I could almost picture this kindly sweet shopowner as he ate his half of the sandwich. Great dialogue, a memorable character. . .what more could a reader want?
Congrats on a hilarious, well-deserved win! ^_^
Congratulations on a fun read with a re-assuring message.
This is over-the-top for creativity and uniqueness! What a riveting story!! :D CONGRATULATIONS!
Congratulations on your win! This judge absolutely adored your rhino. Thanks for sharing your wonderful writing with us.
This was wonderful. I especially loved when it appeared that the rhino winked at him. I could picture the entire scene. Savor this placement, it was extremely well deserved.
Loved all the characters. Good write and deserving of all the compliments. God bless and keeping writing.
I loved this! Well crafted.
I started smiling at the beginning and continued right to the very end.
I was standing there beside Wilson seeing what he saw.
God indeed is good, thanks for the playful reminder.