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What a beautiful poem! My favorite line--such a wonderful reminder--"And God now held the thread." It is wonderful to know that God cares for each abused child, and for every one of us, as well.
Excellent job. I love the mental pictures this creates as I read it.
Yes - may this be the beginning of Hope for many and the insight we need to be aware. Excellent word choices painting a complete picture - beautiful images for all who have been torn apart by evil. Truly lovely.
Moved me to tears. Loved that it tells there will not always be sadness. Excellent writing...just beautiful!
I love this poem. It is so well written, and I hope it serves as reminder of what some children have to suffer. Excellent.
So poignant! Telling a beautiful story of Christ's love.
Your poem highlighted the pain that abused children experience. You described that pain in a very touching and realistic way. But the hope is that God eases the pain.
Absolutely beautiful in every way! Your rhythm and rhyme were spot on and the message goes straight to the heart. You ended it with just the perfect touch too. Wonderful poem, Jo!
I love love LOVE all the sewing imagery. I was going to pick a favorite stanza, but every time I started a new one, it became my favorite. I think you are MEANT to speak in rhyme, dear friend.
Just wonderful! This poem's got it all--the imagery is particularly strong. Lovely.
This was moving. This part tore me up:
"For not one child should know the life
That she once had to live." For all of those abused children, for all of those rape heart yearns to let them know that there is a place where they can become "as white as snow," and that's at the feet of Jesus, alongside the rest of us, for no one is clean, on their own. We've had this in our family, and, as I watch my precious granddaughter grow, I am dumbfounded how people can do these things to little children...but then, again, I remember that Satan now runs loose in the world. One day he will be banished...but, until then, keep writing and standing up for these precious children. Threadbare no more! Excellent!
Very well done - it reaches out,touches the emotions and leaves the reader thinking.
Wonderful! Like, Joanne, I was going to choose a favorite line, however, each one was great. Please keep writing in rhyme!
Oh, this is wonderful. So sad, and yet all too true. It's such a comfort to know that God heals all pains, big and small, no matter the source!
Very, very well done. If this is what rhyming does for you, keep it up. It's for sure a God thing:)
God bless.
Well done.
What a lovely, touching poem with a powerful message. I hope you'll find another home for this poem outside of the challenge. I can see it touching many hearts out there.
An excellent poem and SO touching! The meter is very nicely done and the rhyming is perfect. A very good poem. Thanks for sharing it
Breathtaking, simply breathtaking!
Joanne, thank you from all of us for whom this is biographical. This is a beautiful poem with an awesome message of hope and the only source of TRUE healing.
Very poignant, and expertly penned from title to finish.
Nicely done!