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You have no idea how deeply this touches me, as I have frequently been in a place where I have tried to get Him to do my bidding. And I thought I was so right, too! I love His righteous and gracious "I will not" and His demonstration that there is always, always something better--and more befitting His utter holiness. Awesome piece of writing.
I enjoyed this truth-tale very much! I really loved Jesus' wise replies to their tricky suggestions! Great job! :)
Okay, take a ribbon and sit down, already! Wow! How wonderfully this expresses my Jesus. He doesn't patch and mend. He makes all things new! He will NOT be on a menu amidst so many other religions. You have said a mouthful here in a VERY imaginative way. This is a story I'd love to share with others because it has some images that are clearly takeaways, images that I will remember long after I've forgotten where they came from! That's a sign of a Master. I tremble at the thought of coming here next week to compete against your talent. Could you just go on a very long vacation?
Oh boy this is incredible! What a marvelous take on the theme. You are a master at the craft.
Amazingly written and insightful, as always. So much here. Loved this, Helen.
I don't know what I can say that others haven't already said. I will just add there's some amazing insight in this piece. Excellent.
I think your last sentence said it all! I liked the way you presented Jesus' words--true to the picture we have of Him in the Scriptures.
Wonderful sentiment! I loved this!
Oh, I loved this, with all the different stories woven (haha) together to make a single point. Great job, and a great reminder for all of us.
Wow! Powerful, powerful! What a piece of straight to the heart truth! Great writing, Helen!
You've struck a chord. How true of me too many times - I bring my own creation to Jesus and say "look!" when His is so much better. Thank you, thank you. I love it.
I have tears because this is the Jesus we all need to consistently fellowship with, and I sure go about it the wrong way too often. Perfection!
Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Inspired and worthy. God bless and keep writing.
Welcome to the 500, Helen! I'm going to feature this wonderful piece on the Front Page Showcase for the week of July 9th. Look for it on the FW home page.
Good to see you on the front page, Helen - especially with this wonderfully thought-provoking and convicting piece! Excellent, again :)
I really enjoyed this piece and the gentle, yet firm way Jesus spoke to me about the need to consistently lay myself bare before Him and allow Him to do a new thing in me. Thanks for writing this and being His instrument to admonish and encourage me.
Helen this is really wonderful. I'm so glad it was featured otherwise I might have missed it. You expressed so well and creatively something I'm often on my soapbox ranting about. Jesus is not in the remodeling business, thank goodness for us. He said, Behold, I make all things new." Thank you so much for saying this so well.
Helen, you really have a wonderful gift from God which I know you will use for His glory.
Brilliantly creative- and a fellow Brit.!