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A "sitting on the edge of my seat" type of story! Wow, couldn't wait for the next sentence! the next play! Then, when a writer can make tears pop out of my eyes...That's a Master!!! What a fantastic read! What a terrific finish! What a writer! Thank you. Great job!
Great job at showing us how we can make a difference. This kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through.
Great description of the "play by play" - as a sometimes baseball fan, I really enjoyed it. I felt like I was right there. Some aspects of the story seemed a bit tangential, but I sitll enjoyed the flow. Thanks for the extra hint for me :D
I can see this printed in a Sunday School take-home paper for teens. You should submit this to a publisher of Christian church materials.
I know you said your hint was just for one person, but I didn't listen. ;) Great descriptions. You had me holding my breath when he decided to go for it! I can also see this being used in a Sunday school class, or maybe even for a church or private school sports team. Great job.
I love baseball! Your talented ability to show detail took me back to my son's State High School Baseball win. You have excellent description here! This is Masters level description. It shows me how far I have to go. Thanks a lot! No, truly, I DO thank you for raising the bar so that I can become an even better writer...and description is my stuggle. I love the change in that player. It's authentic. That's how much people DO change when they accept Christ into their lives. You demonstrated the change instead of preaching it. Thanks for an excellent read.
You did an incredible job of capturing the intensity of the game. I don't even know that much about baseball, yet I was drawn in by the scene that you painted. Congratulations!