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This is cool. It flows and the humor here is one many of us can relate to. At least the person has made an attempt and that's what sports is really about, just getting out there and attempting, doing your best. Good job.
I chuckled at the tone of this poem...cognoscenti indeed! Well-done.
Delightful! I like the structure, too--how the end of each stanza leads into the next--unique and creative. So fun to read, a super title, and a witty, self-deprecating tone. I was totally charmed.
This was a great read! A delightful poem! The last two lines were my favorite.
Oh my goodness this was so hilarious and VERY easy ti identify with. Excellent piece!!!
What an excellent title :) and where the heck did you even FIND the word cognoscenti?? The last line caps it all. I wonder did you start out with that....
Great poetic tribute to the game of Sports! Ha ha. Great read.
Hehe Oh, this was great. Only one question.... What is "snooker?" I don't think I've heard of that sport before.
By the time I got here, all there was left to say is, "all of the above". I enjoyed reading this.
Oh no! I wondered if there'd be any sports you US guys didn't know.
Snooker is like pool, played on a green baize cloth.
In cycling races (notably the Tour de France) the leader from the previous day wears a yellow sweater to mark him out.
Y'all know what shot-put and soccer (which I call football) are, now, don't you?
Loved the structure and the message too - but that last line is my absolute favorite! By the way, I had heard of snooker, but didn't remember exactly what it was - thanks for the reminder. Great stuff, Helen!
I don't care much for poems;
Or playing in the street;
I mostly like to stay home;
and rest my aching feet.

But you said cognoscenti
Where did you find the time;
To find this for your poem;
And put it into rhyme?

Count yourself so lucky
Count yourself so blessed
I'll not compete with you, dear,
You truly are the best!
I really enjoyed this and can relate. Snooker was not totally new, but I did have to think about it. Thank you for trying, but we can't always write to cover for cultural differences. I also liked the lead-in from one stanza to the next. Great job.
What a fun and masterfully written entry!!!

I totally admire people who can do poetry, let alone do it as effortlessly as you appear to have done this. (Yes, I'm sure it wasn't totally effortless, but it sure looks it.)

Kudos too to the commenter who used poetry to give feedback. Wow - what a comment.