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You really are the master at combining comedy with pathos - who wouldn't choke up a little at his innocence being the subject of others' mirth? And I loved the character - his naivete yet his wisdom shining through. Another great piece from this writer.
This is fabulous writing.
Plain good fun all the way through! Great job.
That last line was the best! Very well written, entertaining with a lot of truth woven throughout. Loved it!
This was so cute from the very first paragraph. I giggled all the way through. I adore your characters voice. The final paragraph brings the story to a completely unexpected yet delightful ending. To bring laughter to others is such a gift. Thanks for sharing yours with us. I loved it!
Now *this* is the way to tell a story. It was so much fun! Excellent.
WoW! This is so well written and extremely favorite so far this week.
OH, I loved this. You did a wonderful job of weaving humor with a message. Mine seem to be one or the other. lol I loved his "accent" throughout.
I like the POV of this story and the ending was an interesting twist. Great job.
When I read the first few lines, I thought, "What in the world?" Then I realized that was the very essence of the story. Good job.
Again, stop amazng me, woman!
What a great read! I was raised where some folks talked like our hero, so I heard every word! Loved it! And I laughed out loud the whole way through. Loved the irony of a wedding reception in the bowling alley...
Absolutely delightful. Love love LOVE your main character - absolutely everything about him. I'm sure this was a RIOT to write - it sure was to read :)
LOL. This reminded me of listening to Jerry Clower. My favorite of all times comediens. I loved the last paragraph LOL!
One day in your head is all I want! But being on this side reading is fun enough. Excellent job! Still giggling. :) Jo
Just gorgeous, and I love the ending!
Very fun read. I enjoyed the humor a lot. Great job for something that is just silliness.
I could hear Buddy Ebsen narrating this wonderful story. I smiled through the whole thing. Thanks so much for giving me a smile today!
Absolutely wonderful!! Some people talk like that around here...wonder if they play croquet? hehe. I'm still laughing over this one...
ohhh! I loved this! So fun and the ending was just great. I liked the 'tone' and the easy going personality of the MC. This definitely made my day and I love the touch of 'Lily'. Very, very well done! ^_^