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Been there! Thank you for the great laughs. Journal entries were a great way to tell the story. The title is what brought me in. And you left just a hint of doubt that your story may not be over. Great piece!
This was such a fun read. There was so much great humor throughout. “Unfortunately, all I have is chocolate milk.” What a great voice! I’ll have to come back to see who wrote this. Thanks for the laughter. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
A delightful article excellently done!
This is great! Except for the broken foot part, I could totally relate! Very entertaining and real. Great job!
Funny! I liked your format and your unpreturbed manner of relating your experiences.
Can I adopt your entry as an excuse? This was great. Title first drew me in, but the journal entries made it seem real and personal. Great job.
This is great! Even made my husband read it. Since we don't have much space here at the challenge, you should try to add to this without ruining its uniqueness and send it to a woman's magazine. It's a winner.
Hehe As others have said, the journal format made it feel very real. I loved it. Great voice and humor throughout.
I love the way you wrote this in a journal style. The humor was excellent too! Very funny and easy to relate to.
Oh, this was fun! I liked the journal style and the feel it gave. :-)
Cute and fun! I love all the little details, and the humor (of course!). Great stuff!
Oh-so-much fun! I enjoyed every word.
Yes, just delightful! I could really relate to this fun piece.
This sounds just like me! All of my fitness plans usually last just as long, LOL. I laughed all the way through this one. Thanks for sharing!
I loved your humor. My favorite part is, "My bulky sweats evidently were not the right uniform for this class. It’s a mystery to me why all of those trim young women are in that class anyway. I didn’t see one pucker of cellulite anywhere, except on me. I bet all those skinny girls go to lunch together and share a string bean. I often wonder what all those skinny girls do eat. Great job.
A fun read, thanks.