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Very interesting, poem-like piece on the biblical craftsman who fashioned that most important temple candlestick. What an awesome job he had and what care he probably took with it!
I loved this. The comparison of the the ancient lampstand fashioned to burn for God's glory to the life of a believer fashioned to burn for God's glory was so beautiful. Both impossible for man without the inpouring of God's Spirit. The title was perfect. Beautiful work, clear message, complex images.
"Fill me with your pure oil and place your wick in methen set me on fire!"

How beautiful. How utterly beautiful. That's my heart's cry but I know, oh how I know, that before filling me with His pure oil I must first be cleansed of every impurity and made ready to be His host.

This was not only beautiful poetry but a challenge to all who name the name of Christ. Thank you.
Beautiful imagery, Sally. You often have a seventh sense when writing, making your work unique. Deep stuff and wonderful job. Blessings, Jo
Wow. I love the parallels and depth of this. Masterfully crafted.
Wow! This is beautiful! It reads like a Menorah reading ... deep and pure.
Simply beautiful! That's all I can say to something written so wonderfully here.
This is really gorgeous!
In awe... loved it...prayed along with you - thanks
Wow. The parallels are wonderful and very thought provoking. The almond blossoms always made me wonder, now I begin to see. Thank you.
Wow. This is amazing.
At the risk if sounding like I'm sucking up, I still want to say, OUTSTANDING. Layers of deep. Technically creative. And the heartbeat of this piece lies in the smack-dab center of brillance. God bless.