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A beautiful story breathed with pathos!
I had a suspicion where this was going, having been there myself. Exquisitely written...finely crafted.
Wow. Your heartfelt message toched me immensely. I'm sitting here bathed in tears of gratefulness that I haven't had to experience this. Being a mom of 3 this tore at my soul. Exceptional delivery of words. Loved your word pictures you painted so well that it put me there in the room feeling the linen, becoming a part of her preparation, and then feeling her pain at the end. Wow again. God bless your talent. Thank you.
I am constantly amazed at the depth and richness my fellow writers attain in these little masterpieces. This was exceptional and written with such sensitivity. It is one I will not forget.
I'm at a loss for words. It's simply stunning.
This was a beautifully written story. I loved how you moved the story along by reflecting upon the months of her pregnancy. “…baptizing him in my tears…” So very tragic, but written with a tender hand.
Oh, my. Oh, my. This has got to be the most heart-breakingly beautifully written thing I've ever read. Honestly--it doesn't get better than this; it deserves to be in a Super-Masters category. I'm stunned and indescribably touched.
All I can say is, "Wow!" Thank you for touching the depths of my soul.
This touched my heart. I'm so sorry for your loss.
You did an awesome job in descibing a very difficult time in your life.
I don't know what to say - other than this is an absolute masterpiece. Astounding.
It's hard for me to say anything. I'm still grieving. Such a touching piece!
I've been there too and know what it feels like. Thank you for writing this - very well done.
Oh my ... this is exquisite and beautiful beyond words ...
Oh, this is so lovely. I cried at the end but what a wonderful story. So glad you shared this.
Beautifully written.
Lots of "oh my's" - so here's one more. OH MY! First let me say I was with you the whole way, through each process, wondering initially if you were talking about a wedding dress or what. Then after the birth, I felt indescribable joy followed quickly by seeming tragedy from a mother's POV and was plunged to the depths of loss and grieving. This touches every bit of the human condition and the hope and pathos defining it.

Amazing job.
Just beautiful. I love the duet of something being crafted both internally and externally. Certainly not the ending I wanted, but fitting for the piece.
This is an incredibly well-written piece, and I think I agree that I have not read another of its quality to date.
Our daughter lost her first baby - the universal emotions so well expressed in your gentle story allows a glimpse of how inter-related we truly are.
When people need a definition of what masters looks like---just show them this. WOW.
You made me cry. ^_^ What a beautiful, piece. I think the word 'the' was missing from the sentence ' selected palest cream thread' Other than that, this is so well done-thanks for sharing!
Helen, you have cemented your place as one of my all time favorite authors from any era. Standing ovation, with tears in my eyes. God bless.
CONGRATULATIONS on a lovely, sensitive, wonderfully crafted piece. Your descriptions were exquisite, your ending tender and touching.
Oh, Helen.... You know, this was the week that I made them laugh in Advanced and won 3rd place, just as you did. However, when I read yours, mine seems to be just empty. So much was said in so little space here. You touch so many readers with this moving story. Bravo! Well done! What else is there to say? Touching, poignant..... God gifted you. Thanks for sharing your talent.