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I enjoyed this story. It was unique and I loved the idea of the colors representing God's anwers to our prayers.
Thought-provoking piece with an excellent message! I really enjoyed this! :)
Wow. I really liked this. I really did. Very artisitc and deep. If this was recorded I could listen to it over and over. God bless.
This was such an interesting and unique piece of writing. A deeper read--very creative. I loved the use of alliteration in the sentence: “Yes, no and wait have become magenta and mandarin, olive and orchid, nutmeg and nile.” I also liked your word choice in the “…trinity of colors.” Very talented writing. I really liked this!
I LOVE this. It is so creative and beautifully written. It's definitley one of my favorites this week.
A marvelous new take on the tapestry of prayer. What a great story. Beaucoup kudos.
What rich word carpentry.
This is a wonderful image, and an amazingly vivid extended metaphor. A wonderful tapestry of learning for us all!
So I am asking myself why you don't like this piece. The message? Surely not, it is spot-on true, and important, to boot. The writing? Well, it's tender, evocative and skillful. The metaphor? Beautifully spun and woven. Nope, you've got me stumped. Wouldn't surprise me if you have another winner here!
How beautiful! A tapestry made of all the right colors in perfect sequence. Such a beautiful picture of answered prayer.
I loved every word. I loved what I read between the lines, I loved what I read beneath each word. I loved this.
Magnificent! True art.
Like previous comments this is - how do Americans put it, awesome? We have some experiences in common I believe- Grief, Special Needs, Depression. I read recently that God sometimes needs people with these experiences to provide a gateway for others (Margaret Silf- Adventure in Prayer)
Every blessing