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VERY creative. I'm not sure all of our crafters out there would like to think of their work as a product of the fall, but this was delightfully written just the same - a tongue in cheek approach to crafing and adding in the crafty serpent, too.
How clever and very well written. I'm always too chicken to try something like this, but I wouldn't be if I could pull it off as well as you. I'm impressed.
Cute and clever - love the last line! You definitely made "Evie" a hoot.
I'll say this. You are brave!I couldn't even attempt it but you pulled it off and did it masterfully!
A very unique take on the topic! Well done.
Super creative take on an old, old Bible story---I'm betting this places very high!
Nice, smart, crafty twist to a familiar story. Loved the retilian ending. A very enjoyable read. God bless.
Loved It! The pattern reference is terrific and the "snake skin" comment was just perfect! Great Job!
Unique approach to crafting. Where do you come up with them? Neat (does that date me?) ending.
Very well-written piece with clever humor but also an important message! I enjoyed this very much! :)
What a way to lossen up and have some fun! This is GREAT Betty! Why am I not surprised. You've made it girl! ;)
Clever! I really grinned at your use of "repurpose." Just the sort of lingo that pompous, artsy decorators would use. This was a really fun read.
Woo hoo, I didn't see it coming!!! Great writing - very original/creative.

Now that was different! tee hee. :) Original and fun! Blessings, Jo
What a fun read!! Evie cerainly was a typical woman--I laughed over moving boulders and Adam's response. Excellent!
Oh this is excellent! My husband and I played a cheesy Adam and Eve in a childrens' Christmas play---sure wish we'd had your rendition to work with. This is inspiring, awesome work!
Man, if that isn't like a woman, Betty! You cracked me up! Very creative...and nice "snakeskin" ending! The difference between the sexes hasn't changed much, has it? We do like to feather our nests! Great job! You surely DO fit in Master's!
Boy, I'm late jumping on this bandwagon ;-) Very creative and well written ... Great job.
Cute as a button, Betty! I love the play on the word 'crafty'! heehee! So imaginative and actually believable too!! I could just see Adam and Eve and the old serpent in this. Great job!