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I could see the pictures of each page in this sketch...real nice dialect.
This sure is different! Consistent dialect, although, (for me) I found it hard to read through. Terrific job on this one, though - right on topic. Blessings. Jo
No spot on the mantel for this one...but one of those singing trout plaques! He's singing "another win for Kenn..."
Well done, creative, consistant. A little difficult to follow at first, but your consistancy of the fishermans speach made it easier. Excellent job. God bless.
I thought this was lots of fun. I especially liked the "Suffer-Faced Flounder" stanza. I could just picture a fussy lady in a big feathered hat. I do admit, it was a tad hard to read in places, but a winner in spite of that. Well done.
Too funny - and some doses of truth :)
This was pretty funny, and I envy your sense of rhythm and meter. Excellent use of dialect throughout. Wouldn't be surprised if this placed.
Oh, the ironies and truths to be read here! Deep. I loved the dialect / rhythm... perfection. You probably already know about the contraction / possessive error in line 5 of stanza 3.
I found the "salty fisherman" dialect easy to read -- maybe because I just finished reading "Old Man and the Sea" with my son. I loved the story as a pure fishing story, and for its deeper meaning as well.
Lots of fun here, and a tongue in cheek laugh at church members & sinners alike :)
Just plain fun. Your talent overwhelms me that every line flows. You are very gifted and it is wonderful to read your work!
I really like this. It is so different, humorous, yet true. A true winner.
I always love your stuff, but this one because you were able to keep up the dialect and rhythm and meter all at once. Truly masterful.
Congrats! This was great, Kenn.
It's good.
Wowwwww, just awesome, as usual!! A piece from a masterpiece!! :-)
Kenn, Great job again. Congrats. God bless.
Isn't it amazing the variety of ways that you can get the message across? This is Vintage Kenn Allan.