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A very touching story. A wonderful lession in grace, as well. How we need to be sensitive to those who are broken. Well done!
What a heartwarming story---I loved this!
Yes, heartwarming and poignant - unfortunately so true sometimes.

Beautiful words to a beautiful story. Well done.
This shows just how easy it is to pass judgement on somebody without knowing all of the facts.
Thank you for writing this touching piece.
What a`beautiful picture of grace!

This might be a bit light on topic, but it's wonderful nevertheless.
A nice message that it's not enough just to know God's word...we also need to know WHO our God is. This makes for a more effective relationship with our Father. Very nicely done! Blessings, Jo
Great message! Very well written. God bless.
What a story! I was with Zita all the way through, this was deep and wonderful to read. I loved how you wrote the character and presented the struggles in contrast to Hannah. Great work!
I really enjoyed this. Well written with a great message. Very nice.
I loved this too. Good writing. I would caution you to watch your "either/or" and "neither/nor" rule.
For years, I was a director of a pregnancy counseling center -- an outreach ministry of our church. We heard stories like this all
the time, and I thank God we had several "Hannahs" to reach these girls. You did a great job of getting your message across.
Very touching story! It seemed a bit weak on topic, and as I read I kept wondering how it applied to fishing. Of course, at the end you did tie it in. I did think it was well-written.
A couple comments have mentioned that my entry was light on topic, and I have to agree. When I contemplated the topic, I was reminded of how I, as a new believer many years ago, did more hunting of men than fishing. Load that gun, take aim, and blow them away; beat them with your Bible -- that sort of approach to sharing the good news. I finally came to an understanding of why God encourages the gentler approach of "fishing," came to see how it is much more effective in touching lives for His kingdom. You can hold a person at "gunpoint," but you cannot force them to surrender. It is hunger for something better that causes surrender.

And religious legalism has inflicted its own brand of pain on me over the years, even more as a Christian than when I was lost. And I felt that was what I had to write about, that someone out there might be ministered to in reading about Zita's -- a completely fictional character and experience, by the way -- journey.

Many blessings,
While this might seem weak on topic,I don't think it really is. I think it demonstrates fishing rather than talking about it - which is perhaps a little harder to do - unless we know how to fish that is! This was wonderful - a blessing to read. Keep using your gift as God leads.
What a gripping story, Cheri! It illustrates how much we as Christians need to have that listening ear, to really get to know what's behind the obvious "outward appearance." It grieves my heart to think how many might have been shamed out of church membership because of judgmental attitudes from within the church. Thank God for the friendship evangels that live out God's mercy for a hurting world. Thank you for this powerful message!