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Cute story! It reminds me not to whine when my circumstances for witnessing are less than ideal. Witnessing like this is just like Christ did. His job was not under the most glamorous circumstances at all. Thanks for the entertainment and the lesson. Blessings. Jo
I'm smiling. Thanks for this fun read. Good message, too.
Love it! I'm a big fan of wry humor, and this story has "wry" all wrapped up. I laughed out loud at "Kum By Yah" and at your narrator's name...well, there's just so much good stuff here. A little bit of the "ouch" factor, too. Great job!
Loved your title! Underneath the humor, it was a sobering story that made me think about our witnessing expectations. Good job!
Yes, I loved the title as well and then the story as well. How does that line go, "could be worse. Could be raining!" Who couldn't read this and NOT enjoy it immensely?
I LOVED this! Just loved it!
Reminds us that our good God also has a sense of humor. A great read. Thank you.
A great reminder that God uses us in spite of ourselves...and you managed that without preaching at all. Love your sense of humor.
What a great story. We often need reminding that doing God's work isn't always fun, or clean.
I get the feeling that the next line is God saying, "Yes, you ARE taking him into the water."
Loved it!