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This is so cute! I love it! Such a unique take on the topic, too. Excellent! :)
Well, I loved it. And I read it out loud to the family and they all loved it. (Susanna even broke off from reading LOTR to listen!!)Very good, very funny
Great story, humor, and approach for the topic. I enjoyed it.
I believe this is my favorite this week--a really delightful story!
Super cute! You had me giggling at Gee, Pop, I dunno. Hams in charge of the porcupines I could hear his voice so clearly. This was such a fun read--I loved the creativity at work here. Oh, if only I had such an imagination. Great job!
Cleverly written! I even enjoyed the puns (I usually groan at puns!) Nice job at script writing.
Very well-done! I'd like to see it expanded to a two or three act play even! :) Loved the dialogue, and I thank you for the laughs!
Oh the humor! The puns! (Groan!)

I caught the sushi thing with seaweed - um, and so many others. This was so much fun to read and I loved the voices of the characters.

This really would make a great skit for a young peoples group - I could just visualize it! They would have a blast!
Creativity personified!!! Who'd of thunk this up? Leave it to... And the quills? The worms? the Horse' tail? The Rainbow Trout. Not just good thinking, Brilliant thinking!
So original! What a delight to read. I just love the silliness and lightheartedness of the characters. Pass me a barley cake, will ya? LOL Blessings, Jo
Inteligently creative. I loved it. The rainbow at the end was the clincher. You should experiment more often. This was delightful. God bless.
What a hoot! This is very creative. I love the "What's for breakfast. Barley cakes. What's for lunch. Barley cakes..."'
Such a creative entry! This would be excellent for a children's Sunday school program... Masterfully written!
Clever, brilliant, witty... what else can I say? A youth group would have fun with this!
I'm glad you experimented - this was funny!
I've often wondered just what they did on the ark for food, and fun. This makes the characters so real, so human ... which I guess they were. And I agree, youth groups would love doing this.
This is absolutely delightful. How creative and you had me smiling all the way through.
Very clever, and funny! How unique to describe the first attempt at fishing. I especially loved the bit about the worms.
Delightful! love a good pun :)
A ridiculous experiment? Well, maybe it will catch on, just like Ham's experiment. Very clever and humorous.
Jan, you've outdone yourself. This was brilliantly creative and such an entertaining read. I absolutely loved it.
This was a fun read! The rinbow trout was a great idea at the end.
sorry - I meant rainbow!
Well, not like you need another accolade, but--here's one anyway! This was absolutely engaging from start to finish, such a fresh format and done with lots of humor and cheer. Excellent, excellent job!

I'm thinking, though--should this be a "comedy in one act" instead? If you ever publish this (which you should!) you should think about making that one tiny change.

Consider it a successful experiment ... I enjoyed this a great deal.
This is delightful! The world is so somber and serious, so filled with troubles, I love it when I find respite from it and a chance to laugh. Laughing at silly things, at ourselves, gives us balance. This is creative, entertaining, wonderful! And forget the kids doing it as a skit... I'd love to do it! LOL! Great writing, Jan!
Ohhh, clever! I liked this, totally refreshing from what I'd expected. (Not sure what I expected, but this certainly delivered) very creative and wonderfully written. ^_^
This is outstanding. I wish Veggie Tales would pick this up from you. I'm definitely going to have my kids read it (ages 9-14). I loved it from beginning to end.
Truly masterful and creative! Wonderful work! Blessings, Cheri
Loved all of it, but the sushi part made me laugh out loud! (p.s. a "female horse" is a mare)
Would just love to see this acted out on stage. It would be so ooooooo funny.
Congrats, Jan. I'm gonna read it to my grandboy this weekend. God bless.
That is cute Jan. Thanks for sharing a giggle with me this early in the day.