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Oh how typical! ;) You've captured the essence of the interrupted, well ordered life by CHILDREN. :) Too funny! (dead minnows and Life Savers in the Baptistery?)

Well written all the way.
This was really cute! I was hoping by the title that this would be a humorous piece, and I was not disappointed. I really enjoyed it. Thanks for a good laugh.
Fast paced - cute - funny yet very real throughout. I enjoyed the voice!
Very entertaining story! It would have made a good "Dennis the Menace" episode on that old TV show! :) Thanks for making me smile!
Now this is a good ol' typical Lynda-esque escapade story! Sweet, endearing and loads of fun. It's nice to read up on my friends' challenge entries again. I've been away too long. Blessings, Jo
Wow, lots of fun pieces this week, and this is another one that had me grinning from the first word to the last. Wonderful!
Very funny - thanks for the laugh. You wrote it so well.
Very cute. If we have a baptism tomorrow during church service, I'll probably start laughing. How am I going to explain that?
LOVE it! I saw the minnows goin' for a swim comin' :) hehehe
Loved every word. Wonderfully creative, left me with a smile. Well done!
Ralphie is adorable. Thanks for a light-hearted fun read!
LOL! That was so funny...that poor pastor...Ralphie sounds like a few little kids I know. Great job with the personality on this piece. ^_^
Loved the title! Ralphie reminds me of my own son, now almost 20! Good work. Cheri
Funny and cute. Welcome to Masters. Nice job. God bless.
I could see it all in my mind. What a cute story. Great job.
Just can't help but think that Ralphie will make a good pastor someday! He's bound to be patient with little children when he grows up. (Hee hee)
Way to go, Betty. Congrats! God bless.