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Brilliant writing. I love it!
What a way to weave a tale. You are a master at the craft, indeed.
What a creative take on "reading". Nice job.
Wow! I was mesmerized! I loved the scenarios. What a weave of a tale. More!
This is so brilliant. I haven't heard or read that poem since I was a child. You did a wonderful job weaving it into your story.
Your intro lured me in, especially the final sentence. I loved this: I drive by tonight, and push my usual pshaw of noisy, judgmental air through my lips, when I hear: PRAY for her. Thats all He says. A VERY creative take on the topic and nicely done.
Wow wow WOW! This is so very creative and spellbinding. I love your use of the poem - absolutely masterful!
Interesting way to tell this story. You can't be judgmental and be praying for someone at the same time. God chooses prayer.
AWESOME! What a great way to use that poem, and a marvelous story! I'm totally bowled over by this.
Wow - wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. This is really excellent!
Oh, this was great, as others have said. I love how you wove the rhyme with the story. I especially enjoyed her various "scenarios." "I think I'll go with scenario three." Hehe
The touch of two 'Master's' hands here! Beautifully woven blend of poetry and prose!
Wow - this was the best one I have read so far! WOnderfully done - very creative with the use of the story within it. I loved the ending and loved the voice throughout. Great work!!
I've got chills--because the story was so compelling and challenging, and the writing was that good. Amazing.
Very well done! Love the way you wove the poem into the story.
Wow! Powerful stuff here. Very grab-and-don't-let-go reading! This certainly packs a punch and I liked the switching from the poem to the story. The scenarios were a little confusing at the beginning, but it made more sense when I reached the end. Great work!
great story! The poem is woven into the story like the fringes of a spiderweb. very well crafted. Thanks for sharing it
YOWSERS! Excellent. Masterfully crafted. God bless.
Absolutely wonderfully creative! Excellent work! One of my favorites this week, for sure! Congratulations on your well-deserved win!
Wow! This is awesome! I loved every bit of it. Great writing and congrats on your win!