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Your word usage is so very well done. A good first reading that beckons one to go back and savor each line just for the words! Good job!
Poetic brilliance! This poem falls in line with some of the best poems I've read and needs to be published.
Love the use of the key. This is such a wonderful piece - wonderful imagery and unforgettable lines abound!
There was so much strength and purpose in this poem, not to mention the meter.
I hope you will publish it.
This was a great one. You'll need to go over it again before submiting it somewhere and get it all into one tense as you swung from past to present a few times. I was laughing to myself while reading, as I knew you were going to get to the Bible, but all along you were talking about finding a book to help you fall asleep :) I must confess, it is a good one to fall asleep to :0
Wonderful word usage, imagery, and rhyme scheme. Another winner, Kenn!
Your poetry always seems to have such natural rhythm, Kenn! This one is no exception. It almost demands to be read aloud and savored.
Very good! I enjoyed this poem very much!
I enjoyed this very much, expecially the imagery. The easy rhythm seemed to say, "sleep, sleep, sleep."
Beyond the excellence of the technical skill is the message that put a smile on my face and a warmth in my spirit. An anointed combination. God bless.
Oh, this is great, Kenn. The only "problem" I've found with your poems is that they flow so well with the rhythm that I read them too quickly and don't always pick up on the message on the first read. :D
Beautiful poem, Kenn! Excellent word choice and imagery.
How in the world do you think of so many angles in rhythm. Wow!
Every syllable is a beautiful delight, Kenn! Great message packaged perfectly!
An amazing poem! So well crafted and the ending was just perfect. I could see the scene clearly. Thanks for sharing this!
Truly written by a master!
This ministers to me to put God's Word ahead of all other literature. I believe this is indeed a winner.
Well done as usual. I could see every inch of that library!
Would you please publish a book so I can buy it? This was perfect! So full of little things--just two or three little words here and there, that made me stop and think--that was awesome.
Congrats on your win, Kenn!