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Oh, how moving and beautiful! How hard it must be when a family is torn apart so--my heart aches for this family. You have a definite gift for putting us right there in the moment--this piece has a real immediacy to it, enhanced by the present tense. Wonderful!
Beautiful entry. I love the scene, the connection between father and daughter, the passion of the father as he relates the OT prophecies to Jesus, the Messiah in a desperate plea for his parents to hear. This piece lives. :-)
Amazingly vivid - your details are so clear. I was RIGHT THERE. So real-to-life and believeable. Wonderful tale. I agree - the present tense gives this such a wonderful immediacy!
Great entry. Hope the grandparents can find a way back into the family.
Oh my ... what a glimpse into such sacrifice of heart. I could feel each intense moment buffered by the innocense of the precious little girl. I loved the atmosphere, POV, the feeling of being right there - just everything. I LOVED this entry.
Beautifully written, and very inspiring.
So incredibly beautiful! I was momentarily confused as to exactly who each character was to the other, but it came clear in the end. This piece couldn't have been written any other way than in the present tense. As so many have commented already, using the present tense puts your reader right there in the scene. I could feel the emotions, the passion for the Lord. Just a wonderful piece! I see this in the winner's circle. Blessings, Cheri
This was like looking through a window and into another world. The characters were so vivid and the message just as true! I liked the interaction between Papa and Tova. :)
You've vividly brought to life the main characters and the emotions that charged the room. Well done.
Absolutely lovely and I so enjoyed this. Your description brought us right into the scene and the emotions seemed so real. Just wonderful! Thanks for sharing this
You've captured emotions masterfully as if we felt we were there. Great job!
Oh, Crista! This is amazing. The characters come alive and I could see and feel the tension rising in the room as 'Yehshua' was spoken--I was holding my breath as he forcefully continued the witness, knowing the risk. The ring was a powerful statement. Wonderful!