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Well done. This was a joy to read and then you tossed in a message too! Well titled and a sad tribute to one of country's worst choices.
Very timely and well put.

They kicked God out so the devil dances about.

School's have changed since I was young and your poem points this out in a non-holier than thou manner. Excellent!
Awesome. Well done.
Ohh do I LOVE this! Wonderful ending (I am SO encouraged to know that the charter school library my son goes to has bibles in it - you just assume, you know!), and I really had NO idea where this was going. That last stanza is perfect!
Title was perfect! As a teacher in the public school system, I know this all to well! Wonderful writing and oh, so true!
I really love this. The message came through loud and clear.
Right on target! And to think that when I taught public school many years ago, we were encouraged to teach our classes one Psalm a week! No wonder Christians today are mortgaging their homes to pay for Christian school tuition for their children.

Good job!
Soooooo very true! And so very poignant for today - sad.

A great read.
"I wonder why it is, that children are so wild?" Ahhh, your readers know, Ms. Lynne! Great gifted poet here! Terrific poem, terrific message and such an enjoyable read! This was such a welcome relief from the long, heavy, deep, drawn out and...Just let me say I loved it! It was a Joy to read! Kudos! Great job!
Wow. This was neat, but so very true at the same time. You wrote this very well-great job with the book references, I liked the '700's and 500's very fun.
This is very cleverly written - well done! No Bibles in the library, eh? So sad.......
I liketh this:)
Excellent title and message delivered in a great poem. God bless.
A great message in here.
Oh, this is good. And probably too true at many schools. I am glad that my schools, though public, were very open to Christianity. I think I had the "best of both worlds" so to speak.
This deserves a second comment because it truly is a work of art. I know I couldn't do this. Kudos to those who can - and you have so very well.
Delightfully written with a poignant, bittersweet message.
Ah, well done! This is a perfect ministry piece. You carry the reader on a lovely ride and then *surprise!* a hard hitting message. Great work.