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I don't know why - but I loved this. It carries the reader like the waves flow to the shore. I did suspect ... but it didn't matter.

I loved it.
Skillfully written. Clever take on the topic. Beyond what anyone like myself would attempt, but you clearly know how to do it. Great job.
Bravo. You have a lot of story in few words, something which is very difficult to do. I was kinda hoping the woman was a relative. I really liked your description of the painting - Jesus and the 10 people representing the countries. Inspired writing. I really enjoyed it.
How did you manage to tell so much story and stay within the word limit? Just as I can get lost in a beautiful painting (one of William-Adolphe Bouguereau's works comes to mind), I found myself transported to this peculiar locale. Along with your narrator, I pondered what you presented, trying to figure out the meaning hidden in the woman's story and in the paintings.

I suspect you, dear writer, have a grander work-in-progress, and this is a synopsis meant to whet our appetites for the rest of the story. Well, I'm hooked!
I loved the symbolism Rembrance painted into the masterpiece of the storm. The idea that the men in the boat were nations the artist was praying for, the perilous times. . .there are some thoughts here that are for our own time.

You developed the character of the woman, Peter's mother, very well. I thought the words you selected to show her and his gradual realization of their common bond were expertly done.

No, Peter, he was an intercessor with a wife who did not share his passion for revival. There was no food or money. She felt time should have been spent praying for their home and trying to sell his paintings. This piece of the dialogue touched me. How often do we think only to pray for 'me and mine' and forget the myriads of others in other nations that need our intercessory prayers for them. Great job!
You *must* expand this. I can see it as a full length novel. So many things hinted at here. I want to know more. Very well done.
This was wonderfully tactile and beautiful. You did an amazing job of developing the setting and mood of this amazing piece.
The first chapter of a novel, right? Awesome! Loved the lead in! My first question was, "Why only 10 people in the boat?" My question was answered along with other questions in the story. Thank you! A brilliant piece of work...excuse me, of Art!
Great story with awesome discription. The artist's name depicts his passion well. I love the attitude of "This painting, this house, on this shore is an altar."
Lovely story, very well told, with a touching ending!
Wow - this is one of those stories that begs for more! You added so much mystery into it yet filled it with just the right amount of details! It was a full story in a short story! Excellent! Great fiction!
I liked this very much. The story was fairly 'light' but with enough to hold my attention all the way through. I did notice that the woman didn't seem to carry that much emotion...after all those years, I kind of thought there would be a little something more...but that's just my opinion. Otherwise, I liked it :) Very well done!
This was a lovely story with just enough detail to show us about the man and his grandmother. I loved how you slowly revealed her identity, and also how you depicted the paintings and Rembrance's character.
You've got a winner here! Masterfully told with suspense. Who doesn't love following someone in their quest to find out more of their roots? What a story of time wasted and lost opportunities. I must echo the rest: how did you manage to tell this tale, with dialogue, description and historical details in just 750 words or less? I can tell you are talented because none of your words is wasted. Each has a purpose. I could learn a lot from you!
Wow! That was an amazing story; very similar to something would expect to find in a novel. Smashing job to say the least.
Very cleverly done, and the part I was most impressed with was your introduction followed by the jump start into the story.