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I love this story. It perfectly describes the empathy that many cats have for their person.
As a cat lover I was drawn to your title, and your story did not disappoint. Sweet story.
Sweet story. I like the references back to the painting. Nicely done.
I'm a cat lover and enjoyed your tale of this one. Good job!
Wonderful, wonderful description. As ANOTHER fellow cat lover, this was absolutely delightful. You certainly captured the cat exquisitely.
Wow - this was beautifully written - you need to submit it to cat lover's book or something:) I love cats and could appreciate all the many emotions attached with it - it flowed so nicely and loved the voice.
This is wonderful. The timing seems that as soon as the prayer was lifted up, God created this little angel just for you and your son. That is so like God. This is not a cat story. This is a tender and sweet praise report. I'm so blessed I could cry. BTW, the writing is excellent.
Good grief--you have me crying, because this piece is just so perfect. I've often felt that my cat is one of my best friends, but I could never express it as well as you have here.
Linda, what a sweet story! Thank you! I'm so glad he has brought you so much comfort and happiness! God works in mysterious ways! Isn't it wonderful!!!!
From your cousin, Teresa the "kitten finder"!