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This is so well done! I loved every word. My grandfather was a blacksmith...way before I was born.I've heard lots of stories about the hot fires and the molding of iron and the patience he had in producing a superior tool or decoration or horse shoe. God is even more patient with us. Wonderful analogy.
Excellent! Flows from beginning to end with a rich and descriptive story.
This poem takes my breath away! I love it! The description is rich. We are each but blackened ore, until we are purged in the Refiner's fire. And He enables us each to endure His fire by stepping into the flames alongside us. As always, He carries us through to the other side. What better love could there be? Wow. Thanks for writing. Blessings, Cheri
This is just wonderful! Such wonderful imagery that gives me a whole new view of God's work in me. I especially loved the second to last stanza.
Excellent words and flow from begining to end. I also like the second to last stanza a lot.
Oh, Crista, this is marvelous!
This was beautiful! I especially got chills with these two stanzas:

"Exhuming from the dregs of soil,
He pulls me to His breast.
A worthless, blackened mass of ore,
In holy arms, finds rest." and

"With outstretched arms, He lays me in
The cradle of affliction,
To purge the dross embedded deep
In chambers I thought hidden."
Mostly because He's still finding those hidden chambers in me and purging out the impurities. Thanks for making me think once more.
This is extremely well written. It was wonderful to read and contains a wonderful message. Thanks for sharing it
Ahhhh ...*sigh* ... what a master - what a masterpiece. Awesome.
Beautiful poem and excellent writing that inspires believers; only one quibble, and that is that silver would not make a very good blade , there would have to be steel or iron in it.
This is golden!!!
Expertly done. Great job. God bless.