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The art of encouraging! The art of a mother's love. The art parenting. The art of prayer. Very well written story. It flowed smoothly and your message was delivered very clearly and expertly. Excellent job. God bless.
Wonderful detail - the frustration felt so real in both characters' minds. Love the message too!
This is nice and such a great reminder that we need to focus on how God has gifted us and not compare ourselves with others.
Awww, this is so sweet. Your ending surprised me. I love the message of pursuing our own gifts instead of chasing after the gifts of others. Great work.
This was very well-written! The pacing was right on, and it is obvious that you know a thing or two about art. I sure don't. :-) And the way you set things up for the ending was just perfect. Great job!
Oh, I can SO relate to Penny! Everything I ever attempted to draw or paint, I ended up calling "abstract art."

Great job with the ending of this piece, too.
Wonderful - and that is an all too rare talent, indeed and the mother's wisdom to see when the focus needed to shift :)
I enjoyed "meeting" Penny and this was a great reminder that everyone has a gift that can be used by the Lord. Thanks for sharing this
I like it. I lived it too!
Well written and very true to life.
As one who can't seem to create anything artistic, I'm right there with this young gal. I can't even cut contac paper straight for my kitchen drawers! My biggest gift is encouragement, as well!

I would tell her what my dad used to say about his round, no necked toy pudgy poodle who couldn't do any tricks while the toy poodle that I had could do several: "Well, somebody's got to stand there and clap. That's my Bieux Bieux's job!"

We all have our gifts, but we need to be there to encourage each other. That's why God gave us different gifts! Thanks for this delightful story! I could really relate to it!
This was a nice feel-good story. I liked the stubborness of Penny in the face of all her past creative endavours. Very nice discriptions and a good ending.
Good job on tapping into the emotion of most of your readers, and for making the setting and dialogue so natural.