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I love this format. I thought your piece dragged a little in the middle, but it is still a great work. And your ending is excellent!
This is just beautiful. I love the structure of it, and the beautiful language. I especially love the last stanza and last line!
Your gift of poetry is amazing, as always. This definitely struck a mood and captured my attention. It is thoughtfully but very well written. Thanks for sharing it.
Well...ummm... I just don't have words. Wait, maybe...masterful. If you aren't a true poet, then they just don't exist.
Beautiful! The biggest problem is you've set the bar too high. I wouldn't dare try to write poetry on here now lest I get laughed . Great job as always.
One of the best poems I have ever read. This is simply stunning. Bravo, bravo, bravo!
Masterfull - there's so much here it can't be read just once! WOW!
I always look through the master's level until, suddenly, there you are! And then I read, and at the end of the reading, I sigh. You inspire me every time! You touch my heart, and make me smile.

Thank you for sharing your awesome gift with us.

I loved this poem... it reminded me of the cremation of sam magee a little bit in it's form... it pulled me along like a song and told a wonderful story in the process!

Bless you!

What journey inside this man, of how God opened his eyes, and of his salvation! Mmmmm. Your poem made me warm inside. :) Masterfully written, as always. Love the form.
What a beautiful picture you painted in words. Inspiring!
Oh, Kenn! This is truly beautiful indeed!! Congratulations, and thank you for your continued generosity in delighting us all with your work! I love the Poe-like structure and melody you've used here. I know he's smiling and giving you a wink!
Wonderful work Kenn, and thanks for a new visual for my life - tracing the Master's hand.