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Wow, you paint such a vivid picture! This really drew me in and it preaches, too! Excellent!
I love Biblical fiction and this one did not disappoint. Well done! Heh, that poor guard. ;-)
Oh Sally, I love this. We've been studying the epistles in ladies bible study. Paul was amazing. This really brings him to life. God was so good to inspire these men to pen the words that still teach, comfort, and bless us today.
What a marvelous job you did in giving us the atmosphere--the rat poop, the smells, etc. We're right THERE. Super!
Very vivid, and well written. I surprised you haven't received more comments. Great job.
You had me hooked from the first sentence. The descriptions were wonderful. Very good work.
Definitely held my attention and drew me into the setting. I think your title could have been stronger, but this was a captivating read. Bravo!
Oh, Sally, this is SO vivid and engaging and engrossing. Absolutely the work of a master. Your detail absolutely made the story - the descriptions of EVERYTHING were amazing.
Wow! This is some powerful reading here! I love the vivid descriptions and the 'you are there' atmostphere from Timothy's POV. Very realistic in the characters of Paul and I liked how you described his passion and his reactions in spite of being chained to the guard. A most excellent job! Thank you for sharing, this is a refreshing view on a familiar character (paul).
Awesome! I was reading a warning in Corinthians today, "If any of them preach another Jesus whom we have not preached..." This is happening in churches everywhere - mixing the gospel with legalism, grace with earned salvation - a witches brew! I wish your story would have elaborated on the warning signs in churches today, but you lifted up Christ as the only Way and that's what counts. I wanted to shout for joy after reading this.
I felt as though I were watching a movie of this scene. I knew Paul had written in prison, but this story gave the experience a new perspective, and it was one which seemed like blessed truth. Thanks for sharing it.
I love stories based on Bible accounts. Very expertly done. Loved this. God bless.
Beautifully written entry on a much-loved Bible story of Paul in prison writing to the church.
Historical fiction - some of my favorite genres to read.

Your presentations of the truths from the Bible came alive for me; and, reminded me of books such as "Dear and Glorius Physician." by Taylor Caldwell.