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Very poignant. It's so descriptively realistic that I feel that you really were typing this with a gun on one side and a Bible on the other. You brought me emotionally into your duel.
Very creative take on the topic! Loved it!
Very realistic sounding. Hopefully others in this situation really will choose to write (or something), and The Light.
Intense, gripping, powerful piece of writing. Great working of suspense. Wow.
So very intense and engaging. I was right there with your protagonist. Excellent.
Terrific title for this atmospheric piece. I could reach out and touch the glass of iced tea and inhale the smoke. Great dilemma, too. Good job pointing out the answer that saved your MC.
I love the picture that you paint with this story. It is like seeing a drama of choice played out. Even though I wouldn't necessarily classify it as kind of is. Very creative use of words.
I loved the climax of this story: By the way, I already knew the punishment for sin was death. But, there must be more to the story. I haven’t even met your main character yet. This is a really good piece of writing!
I want to read the novel he wrote in prison! Good job!
Excellent job bringing your very believable main character to life. I enjoyed this very much.
I loved how you went back and forth between his thoughts and the scene; just like he was going back and forth between his choices. Great ending with a humorous twist. Thanks so much for sharing this.
well done. suspenseful. emotional. I liked it.
I like this take on the topic. Well done.
Great job on this. I look forward to seeing where it places.
Once again, dear writer, you have me watching your drama unfold on a tv screen. You have such a gritty, real-life experience feel to your stories that they put me in mind of old black and white detective mysteries (a genre I could watch all night long!). And, to fit the message in so appropriately makes it even better.

Thank you for the "happy ending." Prison might not be so bad, afterall :)
Wow - this was one of the best I have read so far! I loved the way you shared his emotions through the letter and his choices...excellent writing and very creative!
Loved this! Very intense, kept me on the edge of my seat.
It's a credit to your storytelling that I really wasn't sure he'd take the Bible. A gripping, suspenseful and hope-ful story. Well done.
This was a good read. Very suspenseful, and, like was already mentioned, I didn't know how it would turn out. One of my favorite lines was, "A blank computer screen, symbolic of the answers I don’t have to impossible questions, is sandwiched between the two solutions, neither of which I have much experience using." Very insightful. I'm glad you show him giving God a "second chance." God can make something more of us if we'll just stay on the Potter's wheel long enough! This is a winner!
Wow. Can I sit on the rest of my chair now? Very suspenseful and masterfully written.

I like how you included a reason that this character would choose to give the Bible another chance after reading only one verse. That made it all the more realistic.
Wow! Suspense or what? I'm so glad I stopped by to read your entry. This is awesome from begining to end. Oh and I added it to my favorites.
Wow, I love the intensity of this piece. I don't know if I even blinked through the whole thing. Gripping yet realistic and so well written. Bravo!
This is powerful reading! I really liked the setting, the descriptions and the sense of urgency and frustration at having two choices and needing to choose. I liked the ongoing dialouge in the letters, best. A most excellent job!
Thanks for commenting on "Searching for Serena"
I've been seeing your name around and been wsnting to experience your writing. I'm so glad I did! I'll be back for more .. and ..more .. and...
Appropriate title, appropriate choice. Three cheers for his victory and your sharing of it through your gift.
It is nice to read artilces that show that people can overcome.
Well written. Believable. Your character development is very good. Good job!
I TOLD you it was good! ;)

Congrats, dear friend.
I KNEW this had to be a winner, SirWilliam. Congratulations!

Thank you for commenting on my writing, too. I appreciate you, Friend!