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Funny how our characters come to life and mirror our own lives and struggles. Some great lines in here - especially the piercing dialogue. Well done.
I just love this art imitates life imitates art thing. Great dialogue especially.
Cool, I especially liked the ending.
Very cute. I liked the intro and thought you did a great job of misleading the reader in the second paragraph. My favorite part was the moment of realization when his daughter first comes home, and I also enjoyed the play between his characters life and his own. Great job!
Master, indeed! With the stroke of your keyboard you have alienated me even further from the promised land of "Master." That having been said, I bear no grudge! I loved this. You showed exactly how, if you craft your characters fully, they should walk right out of the page and into real life. Amazing job!
You led me right where you intended. I was convinced Ashley Delta was the *real* daughter. A well written and enjoyable read.
Nice story. I like they way it flowwed.
I loved this. I was taken in by the "novel" daughter; then I was glad to have been fooled. That is good writing!
What fun! And our characters do take on a life of their own, don't they? This was great reading.
Very good job. I really enjoyed the read.
You had me going for a while, thinking Ashley was the writer's real daughter. Excellent dialogue. Very creative idea. Well done!
Very good job. I enjoyed reading this!
Apologies for contacting you this way but could you please urgently PM me with your bio notes for the Faithwriters book "Hidden in the Hymns"? Thank you.