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What a story - I love the atmosphere of the itchen that you conjured, and the way you layered the meanings. absorbed as I was in a flurry of flour and fierce purpose Brilliant
itchen, kitchen... what's a 'k' between friends?
I loved this. Absolute excellence.
Poignantly and relevantly written, and it tugged at my heartstrings as I read it through. Great job.
Oh, how I love this! You avoided the obvious ending, and gave us the better ending, with Advent coming to your narrator despite her loss. Wonderful!
I absolutely LOVED that this didn't end the way I expected it would. Your description was wonderfully vivid and engaging.
I loved the floor gritty with crumbs - that says it all for me!

Carried me to the end as I enjoyed the atmosphere and the son hanging upside down.

I loved this - a delight.
I had a feeling this was yours. ;)
you ought to be proud of this one. Absolutely beautiful. Reminded me of the Thanksgiving that I absolutely lost my mind and decided it would be a great idea to sell home made pie. After about 80 orders piled in, and I rolled that many crusts, I thought my feet would fall off. Advent- the real treasure!
Every master writer on this site is awesome! This is yet another perfectly written story. ( at least to my eyes)
I liked it sooo much. I was reminded of the 2nd grade class Spaghetti dinner party I had for my son's birthday. A little girl lost her tooth in the spaghetti and my husband had to dig through all the trash in the cans to find it for her. ( of course she discovered it missing after the meal was finished!
Nicely written, and interesting through the end. A different ending from what I expected, but it still works. :)
Excellent writing as usual. I loved this little detail: Zach hung upside down on the kitchen chair. I chuckled at the second to last paragraph and the concluding paragraph was lovely.
A most intriguing titled! I loved the twist at the end, and the vivid descriptions of trying to set the 'sticky table' and the gritty floor beneath her feet. A most enjoyable read! :)