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This is packed with vivid descriptions. I had a little trouble following the logical progression, however. The spiritual struggle seemed very real and believable.
"The neon lights struggled to illuminate the darkness. So did I." Loved this line! And I love how the Lord illumined the darkness that threatened to overwhelm you in the midst of the battle raging within. Funny how we can all look so normal, accomplished, even poised, going about our ordinary tasks each day -- while inside the enemy may be seeking to tear us limb from limb. Indeed, I wondered how cooking was going to come into play when I first began reading. Job well done. Blessings, Cheri
Wow! I didn't know what to expect, and then it all came together. The struggle against temptation, unobserved, was profound. I particularly love the ending, when you state that your husband and children had no idea what you had battled while they waited for their meal. I also love the title...Seasoned One...and it's meaning. Excellent.
Excellent description and detail. This left me breathless. I love your last paragraph!
Your article follows the stream of consciousness wonderfully of a "ordinary" mom and wife in the fight of her life against spiritual darkness. Making dinner can be a dramatic event indeed. Perhaps the loneliness and isolation of women taking care of their families at home contributes to the temptation. Wonderful description!
One victory at a time...this is poignant and rings of truth. You've created a great character.
I've never struggled with alcohol or wanting to escape responsibilities at home, but I could relate to this woman. A very heart-felt piece.
Very very well written
Your opening two paragraphs paint a scene that too often I knew before I was saved. Your description was hard-hitting and just right.

This is a chilling line: "The fence I walked threatened a very long fall."

When I realized the narrator was a wife and mother of four, not a college student, biker, or homeless wretch, the impact of what was happening was even greater.

I wished you had a higher word count to show even more of the intense spiritual battle, but what I read described the personal battle against temptation very well. Very good job!
Great discription of a personal stronghold/struggle. The title fits this piece to the 'T'.
This is a brilliant portrayal of the 'work in progress' we all are.

The sruggle - the failure, the struggle - the victory.

Yep - that's life as a Christian. Great reality writing here!

Because I've known alcoholics, both Christian and non-Christian, I could see the well written truth in your characer's struggle. People who have never had this problem or known someone who has it don't realize how difficult it is to cmplete a simple task when the mind is battling and desire is distracting. Wonderful real-life piece.
Very vividly written and interesting to read.
This was even better the second time around. You pack a punch in every line. Powerful, powerful writing.
This was a great piece of writing, Christa. I'm surprised it didn't place.