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Cute, cute, cute. This was a very engaging story.
I love the French touch here, it made for a refreshing and unusual read. A fun twist! I liked the MC fairly well, but sort of wished there had been a little more about her. The parts with the Dalmation was cute-I love the ending with the puppies. Great job! :)
I really enjoyed this! Great job.
Great description - but I also would have liked more detail on the MC. A delightful story nonetheless!
Yes, very cute and well-written. My only beef is that dalmatians (I used to have two) are born pure white. Their spots come a couple of weeks later.
This is very cute--but would they really allow a dog in the kitchens? Seemss like there would be laws against that--but maybe not in France. I loved the French touches, and the realistic instructor. Your narrator has a very readable voice. All around good story.
I love how you captured the feeling of hope that inspiration brings. I found myself reading faster to rush to get the cake done in time. Great job pulling the reader into the story.
A creative cake and a creative entry. I also enjoyed the French touches throughout which were perfect for this piece. The twist at the end was adorable!
Very cute and creative - you did a great job on pulling all of the details of this story together to make it so good.
Adorable, and you pulled this happy ending off very nicely. Thumbs up.