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This is an excellent piece of writing! Your scene and characters are realistic. I enjoyed the read. Great work.
This was a very creative and unique story. Moshe was a great character, I like how you showed his day and the different people he would encounter. The Challah bread in the bakery was a great point for him to remember so much. I liked the ending, though sort of sad, but good that someone had taken the time to pay him some attention and not treat him as if he were less than a human being. I think you captured the emotions well :)
I think I may know who wrote this - the descriptions are crisp and vivid, and so atmospheric. I was definitely right there. Masterful.
I enjoyed this very much. Could smell the bread, hear the cruel insults hurled at the beggar. Wonderful writing.
I, too, remember this superstition.

Very well written! You took me some place else to experience, although sad.

Great story.
One of my favorites of yours, so tender and bittersweet. Love it.
What struck me were your words: "A man had to secure enough shillings and pence for his daily bread and night’s lodging...." No concern to "plan for retirement," when one has nothing to plan with. One's "daily bread" takes on new significance as seen here through the eyes of the old man. Thank you for the reminder that some have it so much harder than I.
A sad but realistic story that was very nicely written. The numerous details brought this piece to life. One vivid description I especially enjoyed was: “…steaming the glass with his breath.” Very well done.
I rarely comment on the Master's level, but this one deserves a note. This one is special, so realistic, and such a powerful element. I really liked the historical statements. Top notch.
I was so into the story that I could hear the English tilt to his words. Beautiful writing!
I was there with your main character. That transported me to that time, that place, and I felt his pain. I have heard that story about Christians eating flesh and drinking blood. That's actually a charge that the Roman government did on the early church. (just a touch of extra history for you) Great job though.
This is a creative piece. I could literally smell the bread. Well written, and well done all around.
This was heartwarming and lovely. I wanted to buy the man a whole meal, let alone a challah. I really liked this; thanks for sharing it.