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So sad, because it's an all-too-real situation. Makes me want to pray for all the poor little ones no one cares for. Well-written by a good story-teller.
I had the title in my mind all the way through, wondering how it would tie up. And how it did! - here, if anywhere, Christ will be present at the eating of bread and wine. Very gripping, moving, poignant, and compelling.
Your story brought tears to my eyes - and hope to my heart, to see the holy sacrament celebrated in such a simple way.
It reminds me of a quote by Reveren William Van Orsdel - "Before God bretheren, we cannot continue to allow teh suffering of children to go unchallenged."

Thanks for sharing, and God bless,

Ooh... I love the title, the heart of servanthood, the symbolism. All the senses were involved in this tender and sensitive scene... and Jesus was very much present in the boys' innocent Communion. Beautiful.
So VERY powerful - and what a perfect title. Your details were so vivid and stark. I cannot praise this enough.
This is precious in His sight. I'm sure this truely does happen every morning for so many around our world.

This grips the heart and makes the reader want to reach in to feed and hold these chidren. The mark of a master. Great work.
This powerful piece of writing makes my heart ache. I cannot find the words to give this the praise it deserves. I hope to see you in the top slot.
For a writer, amazing is the only word I can muster.
I don't even know what to say. It made me sad, then even angry at the mother. The title is so fitting, too. Excellent.
Wow! What an exceptional example of the power of the perfectly chosen title, and the power of words in the hands of a true master of wordsmithing! Beautifully written!
Excellent. It's unfortunate that some children actually live in these circumstances. Great job.
What a heart-wrenching account. And yet the body and blood of Christ offer hope where there was none. Your writing is inspiring!
Very well written, full of subtle meaning.
Beautiful and heart breaking. Such wonderful writing.
Jan, you are a unique gift to the body of Christ. I loved this story. I even think the name you gave the oldest child is right on. If I'm not mistaken, Billy, means guardian, or something similar.
At first I thought your opening paragraph was too busy, but on second read I found a reason for each word. You are a true master and I enjoy reading your entries each week. God bless.
And I too loved the title and how you worked it so subtley into your story.
Heartbreaking! Well done.
My top pick of the week and as per usual I've added yet another one of your gripping stories to my favorites list!
My top pick of the week and as per usual I've added yet another one of your gripping stories to my favorites list!
My top pick of the week and as per usual I've added yet another one of your gripping stories to my favorites list!
So many wonderful and vivid detailsthe sound of speakers booming and sirens screaming. The smell of a hot wheaty odor. The image and meaning in the final two paragraphs concludes this piece beautifully. Exceptional writing as usual, Jan.
What an inspiration to writers, this moving and layered story so well written from title to each carefully chosen word. God surely moves in writing such as this.
A very sad story, but wonderfully written and really meaningful.
Thank you for writing 'real' stuff for us to think about. This piece touched me deeply, and made me angry and sad. You have a gift to share.

Jan, This is absolutely amazing. Your talent and vision never fails to astound me. Very moving, thoughtful writing!
I liked the style you used with this one - the movement, the tense - as if we were reading it in real time. I do feel a bit icky thinking about those "black specks" mind you!!
Is there still room for me to add my two-cents worth??
Very well-written, obviously your story has spoken to your readers in powerful ways.
How the Father must ache when His children are neglected and yet, even in these seemingly dismal circumstances our God can pierce through and rescue.
Thanks for sharing your gift, Jan.
What a sad, sad picture you have painted, Jan, and masterfully, too. I could 'see' and 'hear' it all.

Your title knits that last paragraph and what has gone before into a tight package. I have an idea of how old the two younger boys are but couldn't gauge Billy's age. Maybe nine or ten?

What a haunting story, one that I won't forget easily.
What an incredibly powerful story written by an incredibly anointed writer! Jan, you never cease to amaze me. I would love to dig down inside your heart and learn were your passion comes from--it sure comes through your writing, one word at a time. You are TRULY gifted!
This story is such a winner. It is profoundly touching and exquisitely beautiful at the same time. Another one for my "favorites" section.

My thanks to you, also, for your generosity in adding your comments to my stories. I do appreciate you.
Wow, this is powerful and well written. I can't believe it didn't place!
Exquisite, thought- provoking...the last images are haunting! The title is also perfect. I'm new to this site, a novice. I'll be reading more of your work, learning from a master. Thanks!
Gripping,spell-binding. This story takes one on a ride through all the emotions: sadness, horror, disgust, disappointment; all except happiness. And that is where the ending leaves you wanting.

What a powerful piece. You had me hanging on every word.
I have to agree with you, Jan...this is as good as it gets. I don't choke up easily, but this did it. So poignant and tender. Beyond excellent; perfect.
This says it all.. the lack, the hunger, the love, the nurturing, the pain, the lonliness, the responsibiity, the sin, the life of Christ, the hope, and the sacrifice. A writer knows when the piece was never his to begin with ... this to me was an example of God's annointed gift and we are just holding the pen to express it! Bravo and YES!
The description of the sad situation is so vivid here that it makes my heart ache. That's powerful writing.
I loved this the first time I read it, and I still love it. I would like to read a sequel to see what happens to the boys.
This brought tears to my eyes. No wonder it is your favorite. With the theme and the description of the apartment, my thought went to a twist on the topic and I thought she would be cooking her drugs in a meth lab. But you did such a great job of making little Billy seem so real and lovable I was glad every word was written the way you wrote it.
Wow. This is an amazing piece, Jan. You evoke many emotions in this story and the tie-in of the title is perfect.
Wow, Jan, this is amazing! Your descriptions are so vivid they make me feel like I'm there, experiencing life with the boys.
I totally loved it, even though it made me cry.
I read this without noticing the title. It was amazingly written and heartrending. I wanted to go out and buy enough to fill their cupboards. Or better yet, bring them home with me!

Then I scrolled to the top to see what the topic was because, well, it did seem a little without hope as another comment pointed out. When I saw the title it was like a blow. I teared up and had to read it again. Wow. Powerful. Literally stunning.
I love it!
I can see why this is your favorite, Jan. So wrenchingly beautiful.
Jan, this story has everything I love about your writing. I'm sad it didn't place, but so thankful you shared it now. Beautiful.