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Great subject ( I love retold Bible stories) and some excellent images - particularly of Jephtha. I felt, though, the bablnce was slightly wrong - I'd have liked more of the second half of the sotry, even if that meant sacrificing something of the beginning. Blinking word-count! A moving piece, nonetheless.
Yowsers!!! I have no business writing in this level. This is outstanding. Moving to the point I didn't even think I was reading a story. You had me right there watching, listening. God bless.
Wow! This is awesome! Double Wow!

This carried me from beginning to end - I knew what was coming, but had to continue. Great writing!
Reeeeeealy great character development!!! :-)
Beautiful, and so well written. Thanks for this story.
This is wonderfully written--I wish you had included the nature of his vow for the benefit of people unfamiliar with this story.

Wonderful character development--you made her very real and imbued her with such winsome personality.
You absolutely painted a stunning portrait with your words. I also was fascinated but hated this story in the bible too. Thank you for bringing it such to life!