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Yes, yes, yes! I wouldn't change a line of this wonderful story. This is the first entry I've read, but I'll bet it finds success. Excellent message, perfectly shown...just beautiful!
I enjoyed this! Well-written and timely message.
I really enjoyed this. You got me to care about both of your characters. Excellent. God bless.
Nicely done dialogue. This line socked a punch: "He’d been lost even to himself for over half his life...."
reat characters, great dialog, and a moving, tender story.
Lovely and touching. Your title was perfect. Thanks so much for sharing this lovely story.
Oh, my goodness! What an excellant story and so well written. I agree, I wouldn't change anything. I'm glad someone wrote about a Vietnam Vet. I remember my frends coming home from that war and feeling lost and confused.I'm embarrassed at the manner our country treated them.
An amzing piece of writing!
I don't know what else to say. I enjoyed every word of it.
A big "aaaawwwwwwww" to you! Congratulations!
Loved how he called everyone 'sir'. Such respect. Valueing people. Great job!
How wonderful! It's good to see you here on the editor's choice, Cheri. This was sooo good. The character's were crisply protrayed, the dialogue so well-done, you hit the target on the topic, and you gave us a new way to look at heros. This was a polished, heart tugging story. Well done!
Wonderful, heart-warming story. And a nudge for all of us to reach out and encourage others. Excellent!
Cheri, I'm going to feature this piece on the Front Page Showcase for the week of May 14. Look for it on FW home page!
What a wonderful story and message here.
Cheri, wonderful writing, I am so happy to see on the "front-page showcase!"
I came back to read it again. I love this story and I'm thrilled it's being showcased. I hope that the young men and women who are serving our country today are hailed as heroes when they return and that we all faithfully support them and their families in prayer. I love the message you communicated so much. Every person counts...each of us was created by God and placed here for a purpose. We need each other!
This story is wonderful. So many people who have served our country and stared death in the face in the process, have been treated so unjustly. Thank you for bringing out the truth in such a forceful, touching way. It reminds me of a song a local from our town wrote entitled, The Unsung Hero.
This is great! Absolutely loved it! The characters and dialouge, it makes me wish there were more 'Barney's' to go around and cheer those in need of an encouraging word. This certainly deserved a highly commended! Good job!