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I love the creativity of this masterfully done & from a loving mom's heart, I believe.....think I know who the author is....
Excellent. I enjoyed your approach to the story. Very creative, touching and encouraging. A job well done. God bless.
Great approach! A moving, inspired story. Good job.
Well done. Brought a tear to my eye.
Very well crafted and a tender story to boot. Great combination.
You have used words as a skillful sculptor uses clay - in varied texture and form, unerringly forming the image you intend. Very expertly told. That's the technical bit. Very moving. That's its heart.
I think I know ...

A precious, unique tribute to a precious, unique daughter.

Perfect as it can get for an indescribable union of hearts.

I loved so many things about this piece. I loved the writers thoughts intermingled with the writers words And her struggle to find the words to express her feelings. The ending brought me to tears and was one of the best Ive ever read.
I know who wrote this peice and it is lovely. Wonderful tribute to both the daughter and to writers everywhere.
Just beautiful ... heart-breaking ... real....... 'Well done' is way too trite. What can I say?
A refreshing invitation to see "inside" the writing of this tribute! I liked the repetition of PEACE...the bottom line for believers in the midst of trial.
Oh, my....... My heart is so touched by this beautiful story. It shows the best of the best....the subject, as well as the author. It speaks of the strong desire 'to get it right,' to capture the incredible spirit of someone who has been forced to endure a lifelong hardship at a young age...and her mother, as well. It so clearly shows the Holy Spirit's work of encouragement. It is an amazing story and one of the few that can be called "a testament" to faith and trust. Thanks for this gift!
A very moving entry ... a very moving reality. I especially loved the way you used the difficulty of writing the story to communicate the profundity of the writer's love for this "unsung hero". Truly special.
Heartwrenching, yet full of hope. Lovely - and loved your format. Thanks for sharing this story.
Simply precious. Wonderfully creative entry on topic. Bravo!
A lovely story and a lovely look into the mind of a writer and the many ways she sees her daughter. Thanks for sharing this
Wow wow WOW - I am assuming this is Jericho, Jan. This is simply, utterly, incredibly amazing. Bravo. What everyone else said :)
Very close to tears here! If this doesn't place I'll quit writing forever. How precious and beautiful.

Especially effective was the back and forth exchange of the writer's italicized thoughts and actions and the actual words she wrote. Your descriptions were like an embrace from the Lord. Your title was perfect, the conclusion right on. I'm glad I read this.
"A second tear trickled past the stone in her throat ..." Powerful. Beautifully done. What a tribute - to a daughter who is loved and admired - but also to a Lord that gives peace in the most trying circumstances. Great job!
So touching. It captures both a mother's thoughts about her daughter, as well as a writer's frustration to put those on papaer. Very well done.
.. and amazing. Reminds me of Joni.
I was wondering where this was going in the beginning, who the writer was writing about, I loved the end when it turned out to be her own daughther! Very heartfelt verses woven in here and a very appropriate title! Good job!
Thanks for commenting on "Mistaken War Hero"
You would write this on the week I was judging. I knew whose it was right away because I knew your daughter's story. But even at that, I judged with a un-bias eye. You just can't overlook excellence though! Merry Christmas. How did the wedding go anyway? I missed the end of that thread.
Hi Jan!

I just wanted you to know that I am a big fan of yours. I love to read your stories. You are so creative! And your stories touch the heart and always bring a smile to my face! Happy holidays and God bless!
I also found a spiritual parallel here:

You can do it, dear heart.
Sit up and look to Me.
You can do it, child of Mine.
Crawl to where I have stooped for you.
You can do it, precious daughter.
A step to MeI have always been here.

And also a parallel to the story as a whole... living with a thorn in the flesh... manifesting the power of God in our weakness...

Thank you for writing this piece. I am so blessed!
Jan - beautiful job!
This was amazing!... You and your daughter are amazing!
More than that, God's grace is amazing and abundant and by your testimony, sufficient for the difficulty.
I LOVE your daughter's words, in the midst of the tragedy even before Hope could begin her work, "I feel at peace".
Our Heavenly Father is glorified by your writing of His work in your life.
What He has done for you, He will surely do for me. I am so thankful that we are His kids.
Blessings on your pen, friend.