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What a great for for Jordan to learn his lesson! Quite heart-tugging.

Two minor nit-picks: The letter didn't quite feel like what a 6-year-old could write, and it seems more likely that the old woman would be her great-grandmother--a 6-year old's grandmother could well be only in her 50s.

Love the irony in your title, and the gradual growth of your main character.
I also loved the gradual growth of your main character - very effective. The letter did seem a bit "old" for a six-year-old, but it definitely hit the mark. Nice job.
Hey, I really enjoyed this :D This was a fantastic way for Jordan to learn his lesson... I love the creative device of the letter. Also, I have to respond to another reviewer... My grandmother is eighty now, so when I was six she was seventy. So I guess the grandmother didn't seem to old to me.
I don't agree that the letter is above a 6-year old. In some countries, schooling begins at 5 and some children have a very high reading score. I like the article and how Jordan was transformed by his new experience. Some people have children late in life so the grandmother could really fit the bill in the story.
Left me with goosebumps! Good work! This is my favorite line: The loneliness in her voice bit through Jordans shell of self-pity. Great description. And a lesson well-learned. Blessings, Cheri
I liked this, too, & agreed with Cheri that my favorite line was..."The loneliness in her voice bit through Jordans shell of self-pity."
A very heartwarming story. I would love to hear more about Jordan's future adventures. Thanks for sharing this